How We Hire Photographers: New York Magazine

How We Hire Photographers: New York Magazine

Ashley Macknica has worked as a freelance photo editor at Jane Magazine and New York Magazine. In part two of our webinar series entitled How We Hire Photographers, Ashley discusses the important of persistence and “repetitive exposure” in getting a photo editor’s attention.

She regularly views curated photo blogs, and of those she said:
“There’s a handful of sites for probably every kind of specialization. But I think that people that are responsible for them should be treated the same as a photo editor at a magazine or an art buyer in that they are, sort of, arbiters of the industry and what’s going on in both art and commercial photography.
I like this marketing tactic. Contacting photo buyers on a one-to-one basis is a lot of heavy lifting, and while I wouldn’t give it up, I do think trying to be features on a well-curated, well-trafficked photo blog is a great supplementary way to get noticed. Watch the whole interview here.

Make sure to check out Part 1 with Travel+Leisure photo editor Whitney Lawson too.

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  1. Ken Hurst at 6:20 pm

    Alan, these webinars, interviews, guides, tutorials are great. These are the kinds of topics that are exactly what I’m (and I suspect many other photographers) looking for – and you offer it for free. And thanks to Ashley and Whitney for sharing their experience with us. Very informative, lots of useful information.

  2. nix at 2:13 pm

    im a freelance photographer and its really hard to get into this business so i shoot people for free and take this as a hobby. i wanna be a pro someday and the saddest part is i don’t even know how to be in this field like being in a real thing shooting real models.

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