How We Hire Photographers: Travel+Leisure

How We Hire Photographers: Travel+Leisure

Last week, we had a really great webinar with photo editors Whitney Lawson and Ashley Macknica. Below you can watch Whitney’s portion discussing how she finds photographers for Travel+Leisure, and she walks us through some of her favorite promos. In addition, we liberally sprinkle a lot of Q&A from the audience like this little nugget to get your inspired:

“How many photographers are you using during the course of the year?”
“In terms or hiring for shoots, it would probably be in the hundreds. And in terms of photographers who are in the magazine, it would be maybe thousands.”

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot for a magazine like Travel+Leisure, this is definitely a video you don’t want to miss. And don’t forget to check out Part 2 with Ashley Macknica from New York Magazine.

If you haven’t downloaded our free ebook “What Buyers Want from Photographers,” you should do that now! It’s a survey of 500 photo editors and buyers from a variety of industries, and it’s jam packed with valuable information.

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  1. 33photo at 2:06 pm

    Thanks for post, loved the webinar too! Even though many things are common knowledge and even common sense it’s always worth remembering and going over them. Thanks! Martin

  2. Daniel Korzeniewski at 11:16 pm

    This is interesting, but they also go to Flickr and try to grab images in exchange of credit, a company like that, shouldn’t be doing that, and it is a shame. Here is a copy of the request I’ve received in my flickr account. That’s the main reason I’ve stop using flickr a long time ago. See request below: Photo Request of Puente del Mujer for Hi! My name is Andie and I’m the assistant online photo editor at Travel + Leisure Magazine in New York. is doing a slide show about the World’s Coolest Pedestrian Bridges and may like to include one of your photos of Puente del Mujer in Buenos Aires: If this is OK with you, please let me know how you would like to be credited (full name and/or website URL). In addition to possible publication on, American Express Publishing (and its affiliates and licensees) may reproduce, distribute, display and publish the images taken in and via webpages, websites and other publications, products and services that contain, exhibit, or are branded with the name or logo of the Magazine or Website, and use the Photographs for the promotion of the foregoing. By providing the images to you thereby confirm that you grant American Express Publishing the rights to use the Photographs as described above, you have those rights to grant, you represent that such use will not violate the rights of any third party, and you agree to take full responsibility for same. Please provide the appropriate credit information by replying to this email. We would be more than happy to provide a link to your site. We look forward to receiving your confirmation by a simple response to this email. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance for your time and have a great day! Best, Andie Diemer Assistant Photo Editor 1120 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036

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