New Free Guide: Facebook Fan Pages for Photographers

One thing is certain – Facebook keeps on getting bigger with over 600 million users and counting. As they do so, they keep rolling out more exciting promotional tools for businesses. Lately we’ve been tinkering with Facebook’s newest Fan Page tools, looking for ways to help photographers better harness the social network for marketing purposes. Today we’re happy to make that happen with the launch of a new free guide, Facebook Fan Pages for Photographers. This guide is available only to PhotoShelter’s Facebook fans. If you’re not one already, head on over to Facebook, “Like” us, and you’ll see a form where you can get a the free guide.

fanpage-blog-graphic.jpgMost people understand the value of Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends. Because Facebook has such tremendous reach, it’s time to stop denying the validity of Facebook as a marketing tool for your photography business. Consider this – you work pretty damn hard to bring traffic to your website all the time, but clients only visit that specific destination every once in a while (the 1% of rockstar photographers with a cult following, I beg your pardon). Isn’t it more likely those same clients and prospects are visiting Facebook daily? (Yes.) Does it make sense to go where they are, and take advantage of one more touchpoint to engage and interact with them? (Yes.)

To create this new guide, our research team dug deep to learn more about building the perfect Facebook Fan Page. They came up with 24 pages of tips designed specifically for photographers. Inside, we share instructions on how to create dynamic Fan Pages. Like our other research, this guide is filled with case studies highlighting photographers having success with some pretty damn cool Facebook Fan Pages. And if you really want to roll up your sleeves and mess around, you’ll find detailed instructions on installing custom tabs using common web design skills (think “create a mini website on Facebook.”) You’ll even have the tools you need to make your photography portfolio available for viewing right inside of Facebook.

Oh there’s more. We couldn’t just sit back and let photographers have all the fun. So, we redesigned our own Facebook page using all the tools we talk about in the guide. We’ve created a richer experience where you can find more detailed information about PhotoShelter including our latest webinars, photographer profiles, free research, and videos, even special offers. Have a peek at our new Fan Page – it will give you a sense of what’s possible. Then grab your copy of Facebook Fan Pages for Photographers and get cracking before you’re the last photographer left with a crusty old Fan Page that doesn’t represent you as a visual professional.

You’re guaranteed to “like” it. Sorry, couldn’t resist…

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  1. Bob at 6:48 pm

    Yeah, I already like your page on facebook and I’m buggered if I can find out how to get the guide! Why not just have a link on facebook instead? Would achieve the same effect!

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