A New Way to Sell Prints: Introducing BWC Photo Imaging

A New Way to Sell Prints: Introducing BWC Photo Imaging

We have some exciting news if you’re selling prints and products through your PhotoShelter website. In our ongoing effort to bolster our automated print vendor offerings, we went straight to established industry pros who’ve been in business for longer than, 90% of the PhotoShelter staff has been alive. Please welcome BWC Photo Imaging of Dallas to the PhotoShelter family. They’re now ready to fulfill your next print and product sales, completely integrated with your PhotoShelter website shopping cart, no setup required.  

If you were using ExposureManager, you’re already familiar with BWC’s product quality, as they provided fulfillment for many ExposureManager items. After a fruitful relationship with ExposureManager, we’ve decided to partner directly with BWC instead, which means a much broader selection of products, faster fulfillment, and in most cases, better pricing.       

What we like most about BWC is that they’re a tight-knit team of real people, highly active in the photo industry, and well respected for their track record of high quality product and efficient turnaround — the stuff that makes photographers and their customers very happy.

That track record is bolstered by BWC’s special attention to logistics. Shipping is done via Streamlite, an asset-light, efficiency-minded mail service that bulk drops mail to major postal hubs. BWC is pleased to report that their switch to Streamlite reduced damage and ship times by 2 days.

BWC prints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper and offers a full selection paper surfaces: Glossy, Matte, and Professional Lustre. They also offer specialty papers including Ilford True Black and White as well as the very popular Kodak Endura Metallic. Some of the new products you may now sell thanks to BWC include additional large format prints (up to 40″x60″!), numerous gift items such as puzzles, keychains — even a beer stein adorned with the image of the buyer’s choice — and photo plaques and panels made with the exclusive ChromaLuxe sublimation printing process

You might not have heard of BWC, as they pride themselves on serving the end customer discreetly to allow the photographer to best maintain the client relationship. BWC has served the photography industry since 1975. BWC’s founder Lou George was the first female president of the Association of Professional Color Imagers (APCI) and the industry awards BWC has garnered over the year are a testament to the entire company’s commitment to professional photography.

It’s easy to add print and product fulfillment to a PhotoShelter website (especially because as of last night, we have also removed the $50 sales activation fee from all accounts). Just visit your pricing profiles, choose products by BWC, apply pricing to individual photos or galleries, and all the printing, shipping and billing will be fully automated.

If you’re just getting started selling prints, check out our recent guide, How To Sell Prints.

Find BWC Photo on Facebook.

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