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The popular PhotoShelter Featured Photographer Slideshow has been updated for June/July, and includes images from 42 very talented photographers. The slideshow lives prominently on the Photo Buyer’s Homepage, where people can search images (from all PhotoShelter member archives), and photographers (according to region and specialty).

The slideshow is (normally) updated monthly. We received a lot of submissions and it took us a while to get through them all. This recent update contains 2-months worth.

Photographers included are:


Alessandro Costa
Andy Spain

Blaine Harrington III

Brad Moore

Caleb Kenna

Carmine Flamminio

Charles O. Cecil

Chino Lemus

Chris Lake

Dave Walsh

David T. Culp

Dustin Ryan

Ed Broberg

Emre Kuheylan

Facundo Arrizabalaga

Guillem Lopez

Irene Abdou

J. Michael Tracy

Jameel Kawaja

James Anthony Campbell

Jason Bye

Javier Etcheverry

Jeff Muller

Jeff Twiss

Jeffrey Sauers

Jim Patterson

Joanne McKinnon

Louis Jawitz

Matilde Gattoni

Nicholas Palmieri

Paul R. Giunta

Per Karlsson

Philip Elberling

Renata Kosina

Rick Osentoski

Robert Lukkes

Shane Donnelly

Steve Simonsen

Taylor Bingham

Thomas B. Shea

Tony Generico

Ugo Cei

If you submitted images for June, and don’t see them in the slideshow, they may end up in the August show – there were simply too many images chosen that we couldn’t fit them all in.

Are you a PhotoShelter member looking for a little more exposure? To get your images into the next slideshow, just follow the submission process, and our editors will take a look!

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