Better E-Commerce At PhotoShelter

Better E-Commerce At PhotoShelter

Selling photography through PhotoShelter just got a whole lot better.

We’ve given a fresh new look to just about every facet of the purchase process for PhotoShelter websites — all in the interest of making it easier and more efficient for your website visitors to buy photos from you. Plus, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to pack a few new, highly requested feature upgrades into this release as well.

Check out this updated video on selling photography through PhotoShelter and read on for the details:

Some of today’s key improvements:

A better purchasing process. The entire buying process has received a design overhaul to make it more elegant, streamlined and user friendly. We’ve also removed several steps between adding images to a cart all the way through checkout, to reduce friction while your customers are making their purchases.

More obvious, intuitive e-commerce buttons & links. Your site should now scream “This is where you can buy photography!” and closing the deal is now easier than ever. The “Add to Cart” buttons now stand alone and are very easy to find, we’ve added purchase icons in the gallery thumbnail view, and the new shopping cart icon atop PhotoShelter website themes is recognizably similar to most current e-commerce sites. This new “active cart” icon will also display a count of the number of images in the cart, and image thumbnails will appear when the cart is moused over.

While these may seem like subtle changes, they’re actually the result of intense research into how buyers of all kinds interact with PhotoShelter photographers’ websites. These changes also comply with e-commerce usability best practices — our product team went off to usability camp to make sure of this.

And some of the new features are not to be missed:

Packages have arrived! You may now create and specially price custom bundles of prints, products and even downloads to stimulate more buying. (Multiple images, and multiple sizes of the same image.) This feature has been high on our list for quite some time, frequently requested by event and portrait photographers. We’re excited to see what you do with it.



Batch add to cart. Our new batch “add to cart” function lets your customers easily add groups of images to their cart, right from the gallery display. (We all like to see more photos moving from the gallery to the shopping cart!)

New options for payment collection. We’ve added, a new merchant account gateway option that complements PayPal as an option for accepting credit card payments directly from your customers online. With the transactions can occur seamlessly inside of your website.

We’ve also spruced up a number of other items that PhotoShelter members will want to take note of. You can read the full details on the official change log.

Want a guided tour? Client services manager Rachel Reiss will discuss all the new PhotoShelter e-commerce improvements, with live Q&A, via webinar on June 14th. (This session will also be recorded.)

Finally, if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, now is the time to start selling your photography with PhotoShelter. Give us a try for only $1.

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