College Photographer of the Year Tim Hussin Doesn’t Care About Money

Tim Hussin doesn’t care about money. The 2008 College Photographer of the Year is a master photographer, but he’s decided to work on a personal project with his brother entitled America reCycled — a look at various niche communities around the US which they visit for months at a time via bicycle.

Unlike his CPOY predecessors Matt Eich and Travis Dove, Tim is decidedly unconcerned about growing his photo business. As such, he’s relied on a Kickstarter project and a National Geographic Young Explorer’s grant to fund his vision.

“I’m living a transient lifestyle now…We dumpster dive food, for example,” he explains. “That’s one thing that most people won’t do, and I guess I don’t blame them…we don’t buy food very often, and that cuts out the necessity to work that many more hours per week.”

Tim’s choice and honesty about the situation was a huge contrast to many of his contemporaries, and certainly wouldn’t work for most photographers. We spoke to him via Skype.

Tim Hussin PhotoShelter Interview by photoshelter

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