How Photographers Are Hired: Interview with Erin Fagerland

Erin Fagerland is Special Projects Photo Editor & Assistant Picture Researcher for Martha Stewart Living magazine. She hires photographers for still & video shoots, and licenses still photography as well..

Her feedback is included in “What Buyers Want from Photographers,” a free report created by the PhotoShelter Research Team. The report highlights the preferences and habits of the most influential image buyers, and is must-read material for any photographer.

We asked her to participate in a webinar recently, titled “How We Hire Photographers,” and she provided some extremely valuable information (including her own email address!)

She also supplied plenty of practical suggestions for photographers, such as: email marketing tips; direct mail tips; and what she likes and dislikes about photographer websites.

The 29-minute webinar was recorded, and is presented here on the blog (below.)

This is Part II of the “How We Hire” webinar. Please also view Part I, featuring Kat Dalager, Manager of Print Production for Campbell Mithun.


what-buyers-want-from-photogs.jpgIf you haven’t downloaded our free ebook “What Buyers Want from Photographers,”
you should do that now! It’s a survey of 500 photo editors and buyers
from a variety of industries, and it’s jam packed with valuable
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