How Photographers Are Hired: Interview with Kat Dalager

How Photographers Are Hired: Interview with Kat Dalager

Kat Dalager is Manager of Print Production for Campbell Mithun, an advertising and marketing firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has extensive experience within the creative services segment of advertising agencies, and companies – so she works regularly with photographers.

Her feedback is included in “What Buyers Want from Photographers,” a free report created by the PhotoShelter Research Team. The report highlights the preferences and habits of the most influential image buyers, and is must-read material for any photographer.

We asked her to participate in a webinar recently, titled “How We Hire Photographers,” and she shared some extremely valuable information, including: how she finds photographers; how to get her attention with email and promo mailers; and what she is looking for with a photographer’s website.

The 34-minute webinar was recorded, and is presented here on the blog (below.)

She was even brave enough to give out her email address for photographers to contact her. (Watch the video, take notes, and if you’re going to send an email, make sure you take her advice!)


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