Improve Your Photo Sales with Advice from Veteran Sales Guys

Improve Your Photo Sales with Advice from Veteran Sales Guys

Among the professions that people love to hate, salesman ranks pretty high. But the art of the sale has come a long way from the days of Willy Loman, slick hair, and shiny suits. Less than upright business practices have been replaced with savvy research, strong negotiation skills, product expertise, and lasting relationships built around honesty, trust and outstanding customer service (ok, most of the time). These are skills that any business owner, and that includes photographers, is capable of developing and the reason why no one should shy away from taking a proactive approach to sales.


In our eleventh (!) e-book The Photographer’s Guide to Selling Like a Pro, we help photographers take the guess work (and anxiety) out of the sales process by sharing insider tips from veteran salesmen that can be applied to any photo business. With expert advice from various industries, including auto, travel, insurance and even home shopping, we show you how the tactics and techniques of the pros can be applied to win and keep more business.

This concise resource provides concrete strategies for each of the critical steps of the sales process including pitching,
negotiating, closing, and renewing sales. Read in-depth interviews with
sales experts and get a handy “cheat sheet” to help improve the way
you sell yourself and your work. You’ll walk away with less anxiety, and all the
advice you need to build a stronger photo business.

Photographers may not be natural born salespeople, but that’s no reason why they can’t use the information from this guide to start selling like a pro.

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