What’s So (damn) Special About PhotoShelter?

What’s So (damn) Special About PhotoShelter?

This may seem strange coming from one of the founders of PhotoShelter, but I don’t often talk about PhotoShelter (the product) in presentations. Instead, my presentations have been focused on the educational content for photographers — the stuff that appears in our research reports and fills the pages of this blog. So when ASMP asked if I would be willing to talk ABOUT PhotoShelter at their recent “Strictly Business 3” traveling seminars, it was a whole new concept for me.

So I decided to put together a list of things that I thought made PhotoShelter cool, unique, special, different – and then built a presentation around it.

I was surprised by the reaction it got. It turns out, the smart people who were running the SB3 seminar knew exactly what they were talking about. A huge number of people attended each presentation in every city, enthusiastically firing off questions as I made my way through my list of favorite things.

Yesterday, I used that presentation during a webinar titled “What’s So Special About PhotoShelter?” It was recorded, and you can watch it here.

PhotoShelter can be a different things to different people, so this presentation is based on my opinion — what’s yours?

Please leave a comment on this post and share with us. What are your favorite parts of PhotoShelter?

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