All the Photographer Promos in One Week to Travel+Leisure – Part 1

All the Photographer Promos in One Week to Travel+Leisure – Part 1


Ever wonder who you’re competing against? I asked Travel+Leisure photo editor Whitney Lawson to save all the promos she received in one week. She obliged, but only kept the good ones. I photographed all of them — some of the photos include multiple images from the same piece. Interestingly, Whitney doesn’t hate on the postcard format (we’ve heard from other photo editors that they tend to get tossed in the trash). She is, quite honestly, a huge fan of photography, so the format is irrelevant. (By the way, I was very happy to hear that the whole photo department uses PhotoShelter to find new photographers and images!)

Take a gander at the first half below, and apologies to those photographers whose names I did not record.







David S. Allee/


Eden Batki/



Grant Cornett/



Aaron Hewitt/



Alrighty, come back tomorrow for the 2nd half!


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  1. Chris at 9:33 pm

    Before you comment on travel and leisure work make sure that you are a well established photographer with high quality work that can back up your ridiculously under educated statement.

  2. at 12:28 pm

    The table from above shot is by Grant Cornett at Hello Artists, I just love his work and that shot in particular. I’d love to know who is the photographer with the “Red Hook” photo story booklet, really nice work. I live near there & Red Hook never looked so good! nice article, Alan, thanks!

  3. Maggie Soladay at 12:48 pm

    Great Post. I love seeing what photographers send and how the cards are laid out and designed. Summer is a slow promo time so its nice to see what is being sent and by who. I can’t believe people sent promos with no contact info!! Wha??

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