Direct From Photo Buyers: What Works and What Doesn’t

Direct From Photo Buyers: What Works and What Doesn’t

What features should photographers include on their websites? Direct from the guide, “What Buyers Want from Photographers,” here are all the do’s and don’ts you need to make  your site work for your business.


  • Fast image loading
  • Email address always visible
  • Phone number always visible
  • Ability to click to view all thumbnails
  • Search all images by keyword
  • Ability to send or copy a link to a photo or gallery
  • Showcase a ‘newly added’ section
  • Captions below photos or on roll-over
  • Ability to view at full screen
  • Ability to create/send a lightbox of select images
  • Ability to price/purchase/license images right on the site
  • Navigation menu consistent on all pages
  • Ability to email a photo
  • Make browsing easy and logical
  • Simple navigation
  • Group photos in logical categories/ galleries/ portfolios
  • Enable a buyer to request a comp download


  • Music
  • Ads (ie Google text ads)
  • Full-screen ‘intro’ (e.g. animated photographer name/logo) that plays before you get to main menu
  • Slideshows as default/slideshow-only galleries
  • Contact forms instead of listing email address
  • Slideshow as intro
  • Photographer’s recent Facebook/twitter status
  • Hidden “next” arrows that move
  • Long, Flash intros that can’t be skipped
  • Complex, unique navigation


Check out the complete free guide to “What Buyer Want From Photographers” here.

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