Marketing Yourself With Photo Books

Marketing Yourself With Photo Books

What’s better than a chunky, well edited photo book? Not much. For years we’ve looked at photo books as collectors items, and getting published was always a career milestone that’s just a bit out of reach for emerging photographers. However, thanks the the availability, affordability and simplicity of online self-publishing services like Blurb, the photo community has now widely embraced self-publishing, and everyone from professionals to amateurs are now able to create print-on-demand books to catalog each and every project. Photo books are now increasingly being used as a part of an overall marketing strategy to help photographers get their names out there and build more business.

Today we’re launching Marketing Yourself With Photo Books, a new (free) 22-page guide that explores the different ways photographers are using self-publishing to promote themselves to photo editors/buyers and fans alike. Sponsored by Blurb, this guide includes both practical guidance on building a book to use for promotional purposes, as well as rich case studies from top photographers who have successfully woven photo books into their overall marketing strategy. 

photobooks-blog.jpgInside you’ll find:

Plus, the good folks at Blurb have provided a sweet 20% off discount coupon at the back of the guide, so grab your copy of Marketing Yourself With Photo Books now, and share your own photo book insights below.    

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  1. Rohn Engh at 4:40 pm

    An unexpected bonus: Self-published photo books will serve as a catalog for you. Be sure to include your credit line, email, even your phone whenever the layout will allow. The ROI is excellent. They’re like postcard mailers with a sample of your photo(s) –they always pay for themselves. A photobuyer will contact you, “I’d like to license the photo on page 16.” Our PhotoDaily editor, LeLa LaBree has published 14 books about her dogs: pugs. She uses and recommends it. –Rohn

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