Shooting Big Cars Requires an Even Bigger Softbox

Shooting Big Cars Requires an Even Bigger Softbox

Chicago-based photographer Todd Rosenberg has done some product photography before, but nothing this big. When I say big, I mean really big.


An editor from Sports Illustrated called him with an assignment. To photograph the cars that won the Indianapolis 500 for a special race-day edition.

“So after research, I learned that the only way to really do it right would be to set up a 10×30′ softbox at the Brickyard museum,” he said.

That is one super huge softbox! It took him 7 hours to set up, and required 3 assistants. (He made a time-lapse video of the entire process – which began the night before the shoot was to start.)

I interviewed Todd about the assignment via Skype (the full video interview is below, including a cool time-lapse video he created of the process).

We talked about the challenges of working with that giant Chimera softbox, and how he uses email marketing as a way to enhance communication with clients so he can maintain a cool stream of assignments — like this one.

You can see more images from this shoot in the Picade image archive.



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