Steve McCurry “The Iconic Photographs” Unboxing

Steve McCurry “The Iconic Photographs” Unboxing


Yeah, there are a lot of books of Steve McCurry’s photographs. But there’s only one book that weighs 16 lbs, clocks in at 320 pages, and can be called “Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs.” As its name implies, it is a formidable book — big and bad ass. I ordered mine in November 2010, and waited as the publish date got pushed out further and further. And it finally arrived, and here are the unboxing pictures to prove it (did I mention that each book comes with a limited edition lambda print?)


I was assuming the two “DO NOT OPEN” stickers weren’t meant for me.



Think you’re looking at the cover? Wrong. That’s just the case.
Told ya.
On the inside front cover is a meticulously wrapped, limited edition print.
And a certificate of authenticity.
What has two thumbs and likes Coke? A buddhist monk.
You might have seen this picture before.


I own a decent number of photo books, and I have to be honest, this one is pretty unbelievable. Should you get it? Should you spend the money? It’s clearly going to be a collector’s item, and I just don’t know where you’d see so many iconic photos in one sitting — even an exhibition wouldn’t show this much work. Do it. You know you want it.

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  1. Karine Ardault at 12:50 pm

    I have received my copy a few weeks ago. It is a beautiful book. I have several books of Steeve McCurry but this one is special, not only because of the included print. The print quality is fantastic. It is a great book.

  2. Stephen Kirkpatrick at 6:37 pm

    Steve M. is obviously a very talented photographer, some of his work is amazing. However, it is ashamed what he did with the last roll of Kodachrome, that was a complete waste of time and money initiated by poor planning…not impressed. A great idea that will never happen.

  3. Jovan Nikolic at 5:25 am

    Too bad that book costs 285€. It’s not that it’s not worth it, just way to expansive for me. 🙂 Enjoy it. 🙂

  4. Frank Sørensen at 7:40 am

    I had the oppertunety at a lokal art museum, to glanse thrue this book, and i was sold.

    I have never seen such print quality before in a book, and so many stunning pictures.

    The book is expensive i agree, but the quality.. maaaan if i could just take one of these photographs with my camera, i would be happy… very happy.

    I have just ordered it, couldnt ressist. Maybe i will put it on a easel in my livingroom, for all to see.


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