9 Photos Showing the Effects of Hurricane Irene

9 Photos Showing the Effects of Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene blew through the East Coast and left a mark. In some places, like Florida and Georgia, it just stirred up the ocean a bit. But further north it flooded streets, homes, and businesses, took down trees, and swallowed up cars (and school buses.) In the end, Irene passed, and the sun rose again – acting as if nothing ever happened in the first place.

From within the PhotoShelter community, I found hundreds of images show the damage caused by Hurricane Irene. Of all of these, here are a few of my favorites…

Hurricane Irene by Jason Perrone.

Irene Georgia by Stephen Morton.

Watching The Surf, Georgia by Stephen Morton.

Submerged School Bus by David Sax.

Windham Flood by David Sax.

Downed Tree, Briarwood – New York by Marcos Rampelotto / Europa Newswire.

Car Spared on 5th Street by Hurricane Irene by Andrew Lightman.

Tree Down by Will Kuberski.

August 29, 2011: Sunrise, The Next Morning by Ed Rybczynski.

If you’ve spotted (or shot) any photos of Hurricane Irene, please share them by posting a link below!

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  1. nathan larson photography at 2:55 pm

    The first few images in this gallery are a few shots from yesterday in Windsor, Vermont. Vermont experienced flash flooding that closed over 250 roads and has isolated some smaller villages and towns. These were shot after an evacuation had started because a local dam was at risk. There is also a shot of the athletic fields which were washed away and stood under 10 feet of water.

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