Danny Clinch Photographs John Varvatos

Danny Clinch Photographs John Varvatos

The thing is, I really did start wearing John Varvatos clothing *way* before he became popular. So let’s just get that out of the way.

But this is the PhotoShelter blog, so today we’re talking about the numerous campaigns that Danny Clinch has photographed for the Varvatos brand, including the (relatively) new campaign featuring The Roots, who Jimmy Fallon fondly refers to as “the best band in late night.” (And just for the record, I also starting listening to The Roots from back in the Illadelph days. HOw cool aM i?)
Let’s take a gander:
Come on, now. That is a great photograph of Iggy Pop.

Yeah, Slash. Oh, I should warn you that the Short Hills location has been closed for several years.
Dave, don’t touch the monkey.
Some people might say, “Hey Allen. Put me in a room with a rock ‘n roll legend and I’m sure I could take some good photos.” To which I would say, “But you’d only be in a room with a rock ‘n roll legend if you were a great photographer in the first place.” Ah, touche.
Hire Danny, and don’t forget your favorite CEO when the holidays roll around…I wear a medium.
(by the way, John Varvatos is a men’s fashionwear designer who used to head up Ralph Lauren, and is credited with inventing the boxer brief).
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