Ken Jeong Photo Bombs Peggy Sirota in GQ

Boarding the 10 1/2 hour plane ride back home to Hawai’i is always a good excuse to hit up Hudson News in Newark Liberty International Airport and grab a stack of magazines. Many of the top circulated magazines feature some pretty great photography and photographers (although one could argue that it’s a very small cop of photographers over and over again), and I couldn’t help but chuckle at Peggy Sirota’s “photo bomb” essay in GQ featuring Ken Jeong.


Photo by Peggy Sirota

First of all the photos have that very contemporary relaxed Sirota feel. And if you cropped the images, you’d have some really nice fashion lifestyle images. And while I’m not complaining about a hot model parading around in a skimpy bikini, there is something pretty damn awesome about a korean doctor-turned comedian wearing speedos and holding a foam floatation device.

Planned celebrity photo bombs with Ken Jeong are pretty darned funny, but spontaneous celebrity photo bombs are pretty awesome too. Michael Cera used to do it with some frequency…


I <3 photography!

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  3. Jimbo at 3:51 pm

    Judy: A sharp blow to the head can often affect memory retention.

    Get ye forthwith to a hammory.

    There is no need to concern yourself with additional brain damage, my sense is that in your case, there is little left to damage.

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