14 Tips to Crowdfund Your Next Photo Project

14 Tips to Crowdfund Your Next Photo Project

Our latest guide, “Crowdfunding Your Photography Project” investigates top strategies photographers use to crowdfund projects via platforms like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Emphas.is. We spoke to photographers who succeeded and we spoke to photographers who failed – but win or lose, they all emerged with valuable tips that can help any crowdfunding hopeful.


Photo by Chris Owyoung

Direct from the photographers themselves, here are the top 14 tips you can use to crowdfund your next photo project:

  1. Find a project that will resonate with others by focusing on a specific interest or community.
  2. Promote your project to bloggers who write about your cause.
  3. Personalize your outreach emails. People will not appreciate you sending them a “copy/paste” message.
  4. Rely on referrals. Get good influencers to spread the word about your project. They know people who care about your cause.
  5. Budget your time so you’re able to effectively reach out and respond to potential backers.
  6. Be your own publicist. Send out a press release launching your project to media contacts.
  7. Build your project’s credibility by getting influential photographers on board as backers.
  8. Is there a specific organization who could promote your project? Contact like-minded groups and find out.
  9. Be direct. Ask your friends and family to share your project link on Facebook and Twitter.
  10. Create momentum. Email your network two weeks prior to the project’s launch date, giving folks a chance to gear up to donate.
  11. Give meaningful donation rewards. Make people feel like they’re getting a piece of your project.
  12. Spreading the word can be just as powerful as a donation. Word of mouth will promote your project and expand your network.
  13. Develop a strategic message about your project and deliver it up front.
  14. What is crowdfunding? Make sure people you reach out to understand the platform you’re using and how it works.

Got any tips to add? Please share them below.

More case studies and tips on crowdfunding do’s and don’ts can be found right in the guide: Crowdfunding Your Photography Project.


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