Crowd-funded Photog Pedals 4000 Miles

Crowd-funded Photog Pedals 4000 Miles

“I’m not going to call it a mid-life crisis,” said Portland, Oregon-based photographer L.E. Baskow, about his recently completed 4,000+ mile bicycle ride/photo project called “Pedaling on the Road of Life.”

On relatively short notice, Baskow decided to ride his bicycle from Portland, Oregon, north to Seattle, and then east to New York City. To fund the project, he turned to the fundraising website Kickstarter, and was able to raise more than his goal of $2,000 from 39 different backers.

Many photographers are making use of “crowdfunding” to raise the money needed to fund their projects. The PhotoShelter Research Team recently published a free downloadable guide called “Crowdfunding Your Photography Project,” a 31-page e-book that takes you step-by-step through this alternative funding process.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Baskow via Skype, and I interviewed him about the experience of using Kickstarter, and what it was like to ride 4,000 miles all by himself.


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  1. Jay at 8:33 pm

    Watching the Crowdfunding Photo piece. It abruptly hangs @ 2:58 with the photo of LE with the bike trailer behind him 🙁 Is it me? Windows 7, IE9

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