Weekly Roundup: Swiss Banks & Displaced Libyans

Weekly Roundup: Swiss Banks & Displaced Libyans

Mark Henley’s The Hidden World of Swiss Banks

Given all the negative attention on big business and banks, Mark Henley‘s dramatic black-and-white images of Swiss banks strike a certain cord. After being invited to shoot a businessman’s portrait, Mark worked to further penetrate the world of secrecy and lies that many believe make up today’s financial institutions. What came out of it are some great photos recently presented on The New York Times‘ Lens Blog.

Photo by Mark Henley

New Camera Technology from Lytro

Claiming to build camera products that “transform light field technology from a scientific theory into a reality,” Lytro‘s camera captures the entire light field, meaning that you can focus and re-focus after  you make the shot. Play around with their picture gallery to get a feel for how the technology works. Will light field technology take the skill (and fun) out of photography?


Adobe Launches Carousel App

This week Adobe launched the Universal iOS app and Mac app for Carousel, Adobe’s could storage service that allows you to access your photo library from all your devices. Carousel was first announced in September and now supports Mac, Windows, iOS and Android platforms. In addition to storage, the Carousel app also offers photo editing. Learn more about Adobe Carousel here.

Displaced Persons in Libya by Jason Tanner

While all eyes were following the story behind the death of ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, Jason Tanner had photographed a story that wasn’t receiving much media attention: the minority groups in Libya displayed by the nation’s months-long fighting. His images show people of Sudanese, Nigerian, Somalian decent and more, showcasing another significant outcome of the revolution in Libya. Read Jason’s captions for these people’s incredible stories.

Photo by Jason Tanner

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