How To Add a PhotoShelter Slideshow to your Facebook Page in 10 minutes or less

How To Add a PhotoShelter Slideshow to your Facebook Page in 10 minutes or less

As Facebook continues to expand its service, there has become an infinite number of ways to customize your page. Quite literally, you can now showcase your photo portfolio right on your Facebook page – and you should. It’s a great way to engage your social community in a place they likely visit every day.

Overwhelmed by the prospect of optimizing your page? To get you started, we’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial to show how you can easily integrate your PhotoShelter slideshow into your Facebook fan page in literally 10 minutes or less. It’s a great way for people to preview your images without having to click through to your website. And when they do click the slideshow, they’re taken directly to your website. The “secret” is using a free third-party app (read: no coding or development experience required).

So what are you doing this afternoon? That’s right — integrating your PhotoShelter slideshow with your Facebook page. (Note: this is for your public *page* for your photo business, not your personal Facebook account.)
Step 1: Log in to your Facebook and go to Static HTML: iframe tabs app. Click “Go to App” .

Step 2:  Click the blue “Add Static HTML: iframe tabs” button.
Step 3: You’ll be redirected to your fan page, and you should notice a new tab on your page’s left sidebar navigation named “Welcome”. Click this tab.
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Step 4: Copy the code for your slideshow from your PhotoShelter website. You can do this by navigating to your PhotoShelter galleries, choosing a gallery and then clicking “Embed & Share Slideshow” from the left hand navigation bar (under Export Options). Feel free to create a new gallery that showcases the images that you want included in this slideshow for your fan page. 
Make sure to select the “Do not link images” button under your slideshow options. Copy the code that’s listed next to Embed.
Step 5: Back on your Facebook page, paste the code into the box below.
Step 6: You need to delete part of this code. Find the purple text toward the end that says object><br><a and delete all code after that up until you see  /a> – Images by <a href= 


At the end of the code here, locate your PhotoShelter URL. After the symbol at the end of your URL, insert the following (highlighted in the example below): target=”_blank”


Step 7: Click “Save and view tab”. Now you can view your tab as a fan or non-fan (this distinction doesn’t matter in this case because we made your slideshow visible to fans and non-fans alike).
Step 7: Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. And then show it off to all your friends. 
Remember, you can customize the look and feel of your PhotoShelter slideshow too with control over 23 different factors. 

Check out these examples:


Are you one step ahead of everyone else? Have you embedded your PhotoShelter slideshow to your Facebook fan page? Show us what you got in the comments.

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