Some Standard Account Lovin’

Some Standard Account Lovin’

It’s always fun to get a little more of anything for your money. We think the same should be true with photo hosting. Last month our Pro Account members got a bump, and today we’re boosting the secure photo storage for the Standard Account by 70% — effective immediately.

So whether you’re already a member, or you’ve been thinking about signing up for PhotoShelter, the Standard Account now has a total 60 GB of storage. That’s more space to upload more photos (JPEG, TIFF, PSD, or RAW formats), display them online, and sell to clients.

Standard Accounts are $29.99/month or $329/year, and that fee is not changing with this additional value.

We have a pretty deep pipeline of new bells and whistles on the way, but in the meantime, we figure some more storage will help PhotoShelter members do more business online.

Learn more about account features and try PhotoShelter for $1 here.

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  1. Matt at 4:42 pm

    This is wonderful but still waiting for PhotoShelter to get past the thought that not everyone needs the ability to store RAW files. Most simply need JPG to TIF storage and most paid image hosts offer this with an unlimited storage cap. Get rid of the cap and you instantly get more customers. In my opinion, PhotoShelter is unquestionably the best at understanding photographers. They are lacking only in this one area. I guess if it comes down to RAW storage as a necessity for you, you can’t go wrong with PhotoShelter.

  2. Alain at 2:52 am

    nice, but you should look first to decrease your prices, 329USD/year si too much for many who do not sell much or do not know if they will sale enough. for the pros already having business and agencies it might be ok, but for the rest it is a significant entry fee

    put it at 100USD a year is less than 10kUSD of sale a year is made, 200USD for 20k, and you will multiply your client by 10 …

    also you should propose to take the money from the sales, not ask to pay first then maybe make some sell and pay some ffe to you on it, then transfer then to a paypal account and have some fee on it, then transfer it to bank account and have fee on it, then the photographer pasy you hand the bank again has fee. For international customer this adds up quickly.

    price is your main issue, not storage.

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