Video Interview with’s Rachel Been

Video Interview with’s Rachel Been

Yesterday afternoon, Rachel Been, Creative Director at, had a live interview with PhotoShelter CEO Allen Murabayashi. There were laughs about trying to shoot stoned musicians, surprises about where Rachel has actually met most of her photographers, and some awesome real-life photographer websites and email promos that have led to hires.

The audience had some great questions for Rachel during the webinar, many of which are answered in PhotoShelter’s Free Guides Email Marketing for Photographers and the 2011 Survey on What Buyers Want From Photographers. Listeners also wanted to know what makes a solid, eye-catching outreach email from a new photographer. As a follow-up, we asked Rachel to share some examples of ones she’s  received in the past that have elicited a response.

“Michael was a cold email. It’s a great use of big image blocks first and really lovely typography. There is no superfluous explanatory copy. Simple, effective.”

“Gaby uses a fun mailer that matches her personality. The photo thumbs are almost like a ‘choose your own adventure’ – you can see this, this or this. Really cute and clever. The summary copy is at the bottom. I would have liked to see larger images, but the layout is very Gabriela – she has a very consistent style.”

You can also view Rachel’s presentation in the slides below.

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