Selling College Sports Photos on PhotoShelter

Selling College Sports Photos on PhotoShelter

College sports is a multi-billion dollar industry, and photography plays an ever increasing role to communicate newsworthy events, increase school brand awareness, and engage alumni. And it’s not just college basketball pictures–nearly all athletic teams demand photography for sports posters, magazines, official rosters, framed prints, and more.

There’s a lot of opportunity for universities and colleges to take in additional revenue from these sales, and savvy schools are starting to understand how the photography departments (which have traditionally been cost centers), can become revenue generators for the school. Colleges, universities and even high schools are finding that the tools and features available on their PhotoShelter websites are making photo sales possible. Below are a handful of examples alongside some of our favorite college sports photos.

University of Michigan

Photo by Dave Ablauf

Notre Dame University

Photo by Matt Cashore

Purdue University

Photo by Mark Simons

Tufts University

Photo by Laurence Kelly

University of Texas

Photo by Jim Sigmon

Brigham Young University

Photo by BYU

University of Iowa

Photo by CMP Photo Service

Duke University

Photo by Jon Gardiner

University of Washington

Photo by Dan DeLong

Oklahoma State University


Photo by Photo by James Schammerhorn


Want to learn more about how your college can easily display and sell photos to students, alumni and other waiting customers? Check out the PhotoShelter Tour for more information.


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