Top Photos: 4 Favorites from Paul Cooklin

Top Photos: 4 Favorites from Paul Cooklin

UK-based fine art photographer Paul Cooklin specializes in black and white open and limited edition handmade silver prints. We recently profiled him to learn about his transformation from a full-time digital stock photographer to a fine art black and white photographer. Noting the difference between the two mediums Paul says, ‘”When creating digital art I could create exactly what I wanted from nothing whereas with film photography, I had to find the composition and subject first and decide – then and there – how I wanted the image to look.”

Because Paul switched gears in his own career,  we were curious which photos caught his attention and inspired him along the way. So we asked, “What are your favorite photos captured by your friends and colleagues – and why?”

Here are Paul’s top 4 favorite photos taken from photographers he knows:

1. Edward Olive, International Wedding Destination Photographer

On Edward Olive, Paul says: “I found Edward’s work when I first started shooting film. He’s a well known wedding photographer in Spain and has won lots of awards. He also shoots the rich and famous and has very irreverent views on photography and art. I find his work very refreshing, inspirational and thought provoking.

I’m drawn to the mood and feeling he’s able to convey in his works and the suspension of reality. From capturing the playful innocence of children at weddings to the beauty and natural gestures of his more erotic nudes. Edward brings out the best characteristics of each film emulsion and uses them to his advantage which can give his work a timeless cinematic feel. I am inspired by his seemingly raw imagery with its perfect imperfections and tones.”

2. Penny Morgan, Portrait & Wedding Photographer

On Penny Morgan, Paul says: “This photo Penny captures of a visual arts performance “Devas Divas” is striking and enchanting. I also like Penny’s earlier dance shots from her portfolio because they’re more raw. Penny also happens to be my closest friend and we’ve worked together for a number of years. We have very different views and styles with regards to photography and I really enjoy our heated conversations. Penny enjoys portraits and weddings and is beginning to build her business.”

3. Carol Fulton, Commercial Photographer

On Carol Fulton, Paul says: “This photo is part of a beautiful, dreamlike, and multidimensional series. The great pastel colors combined with the texture work very well together.  I know Carol’s work because she wrote to me asking what lens and film combination I used for a collection of images in my portfolio.  I looked at her own work and liked her Polaroids. We’ve been in touch since. ”

4. Holden Richards, Nature Photographer

On Holden Richards, Paul says: “I love this photo because of the lovely light on the water. My eyes are drawn to the tree reflections and then the trees themselves in the background. Just beautiful. I know Holden because we often comment on each other’s work online. He’s really into analogue photography and prints and exhibits his own work too. I’m a big fan.”


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