Video Interview with Men’s Health Magazine’s Photo Editor

Video Interview with Men’s Health Magazine’s Photo Editor

What do you want to know about photography featured in one of the world’s top men’s lifestyle magazines? Perhaps, does Men’s Health feature photos of only the most fit models? Are their images highly retouched? Who’s actually getting paid to shoot those sexy girl spreads? And what’s the best way to promote yourself to Men’s Health?  All this and more is answered by Michelle Stark, Senior Photo Editor at Men’s Health in this interactive live webinar recording.

You can also view the webinar’s slides without the audio below:

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  1. Gaston at 5:29 am

    this is the second webinar that I watch and I have found a ton of inspiration, new photographers to look for, and the savvy words of an experienced photo editor.

    Thanks again for sharing and looking forward to keep chopping down this big list of amazing videos.


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