The Best Photography Blog Posts of 2011

The Best Photography Blog Posts of 2011

You might say that blogs are a blessing and a curse – on the one hand, the freedom and ease of blogging means that almost anyone can do it, and so there are a million blogs out there to help you devour every topic imaginable; and on the other hand, anyone can do it and there are a million  blogs out there making plenty of clutter…

Photography blogs are no different in their scope, ranging in topics from the technical to the business-oriented. And like in most recent years, the photography industry has had its fair share of ups and downs. Still, several of our favorite blogs have been out there to update us, and at times, uplift us. So in tribute of everything that was documented, expressed, and reviewed in 2011, here’s a fantastic little list of our favorite blog posts of the year. They’re educational, inspirational, and just plain useful.

Special thanks to the community for keeping us on our toes – we look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2012.

Photo Business

Gary Vaynerchuk’s The Thank You Economy – Seshu Badrinath, Tiffinbox

Diary of a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit – Carolyn E. Wright, Photo Attorney

The Price of Prints Part 3: 14 Ways To Increase Photo Print Sales – Grover Sanschagrin, The PhotoShelter Blog

What Is Your “And”? – Rosh Sillars

Real World Estimates – Reportage For Advertising Use – Jess Dudley, via APhotoEditor

Real World Estimates – Magazine Contract – Bill Cramer, via APhotoEditor

The 2011 Inspiration Handbook For Photographers – Grover Sanschagrin, The PhotoShelter Blog

Talking Budget With Your Clients – Ilise Benun, via The PhotoShelter Blog

Branding Is Everything – Creative Collision, via Agency Access

Stockpiling Trouble: How The Stock Industry Ate Itself? – Betsy Reid, British Journal of Photography

11 Simple Things You Can Do To Grow Your Photography Business – Rosh Shillars

Your Year-End Photography Business Plan – Andrew Fingerman, The PhotoShelter Blog

Your Guide To Working With Consultants – Rob Haggart, APhotoEditor

Photo by Andrew Fingerman

 Photo Marketing

Networking? Have a Kick-Ass Business Card – Blake J. Discher, Groozi

Hi, Social Media, Nice To Meet You – Miki Johnson

Social Media: Nicety or Necessity? – Dialogues Podcast, via Agency Access

Top 10 Tips On Google+ For Photographers – Thomas Hawk

How I Evaluate Terms of Service for Social Media Website – Google+ – Jim Goldstein

5 Pimped-Out Photographer Facebook Fan Pages – Lauren Margolis, The PhotoShelter Blog

Q&A With GSD&M Senior Art Producer Shannon McMillan – Jasmine DeFoore

Interview with Yannick Bouillis, Founder of Offprint Paris – eyecurious

The Viral Evolution of Carli Davidson’s “Shake” Gallery – Allen Murabayashi, The PhotoShelter Blog

2012 Marketing in 100 Words – Ilise Benun, The Marketing Mentor

40 Great Photographer Portfolio Websites for Inspiration – Bill Jones, PhotoArgus

Photo by Carli Davidson

Photo Technique & Workflow

The New Wedding Guest – Richard Eposito, Tiffinbox

VSCO Film Review – John Keatley

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Web Images Pop – Grover Sanschagrin, The PhotoShelter Blog

The 7 Most Important Online Shopping Cart Features For Photographer Websites – Grover Sanschagrin, The PhotoShelter Blog

The Wakeboard Studio Shoot – Fstoppers

Megapixels Vs. Print Size – Syv Ritch,

DNG, RAW and JEPG: What I Use & Why – Jim Goldstein

Photo by Chris Owyoung

Gear Reviews

Nikon Coolpix L120 Review – Mark Goldstein, Photography Blog

13 Digital Point-and-Shoot Cameras Used by the Pros – Lauren Margolis, The PhotoShelter Blog

Fuji X100 Review: The Greatest Digital Camera Ever Made – Zack Arias

Review: Nikon’s J1 and V1 Camera, and 1 Nikkor Lenses – Rob Galbraith, Digital Photography Insights

Crucial Camera Accessories – Fstoppers

Should I buy An f/2.8 or f/4.0 Lens? – Travis Lawton, The Phoblographer

Photo by Clark Dever


Shooting Through The Ups And Downs – Melissa Rodwell, Fashion Photography Blog

Life, Photography & Amazing Moments – Scott Bourne,

Why Shooting Personal Work Will Grow Your Photography Business – Ian Summers, via Agency Access

Feature: The Quiet, Lovely Photographs of Joseph O. Holmes – Eamon Hickey, Digital Photography Insights

14 Most Dangerous Locations for Photojournalists – Lauren Margolis, The PhotoShelter Blog

Sgt. Pepper Uncovered – Catherine Kirkpatrick, Professional Women Photographers Online

The Power of a Photograph – Jeremy Cowart

Working Through The Freelancing Lulls – Miki Johnson

Photo by Jason Howe

It’s My Opinion

Mini-Rant: Screw The Critics – David Hobby, Strobist

Being a Photographer Takes Intelligence – Lindsay Adler

I Switched To Canon. World Still Turns. – Zack Arais

Fearmongers Are Giving Photographers a Bad Name – David Saxe, via Black Star Rising

More On Photographic Plagiarism – Stella Kramer

Flickr Is Dead – Thomas Hawk

How Much Are Photographs Worth (And Why Are We Talking About It)? – Joerg Colberg, Conscientious Extended

There’s An App For Photojournalism – Chip Litherland

Dear Photographer: Your Marketing Isn’t Working For Me – Stella Kramer

I’ll Just Shoot Some Weddings – Chip Litherland

The Legitimacy Of Schools Teaching Photography – John Harrington

Image by Thomas Hawk

Photography Projects

Photographing Somalian Refugees in The Dadaab Camps – Sanjit Das, via The PhotoShelter Blog

“To Ashes” Fine Art Film Short – Lindsay Adler

A Motorcycle Trip Through Vietnam – Kevin German, via LUCEO Images

Emily + Matt (photographing a wedding during a tornado) – The Bobbi Shop

Holi Hai – Images of India’s Most Colourful Festival – Gavin Gough

Benjamin Lowy: War Photography – James Pomerantz, via The New Yorker

Things You’ll Never Photograph: A Sniper Rifle Shooting Eggs – Nathan Myhrvold, via The PhotoShelter Blog

Few and Far Between – LUCEO Images

John Keatley The Woodsman – John Keatley

Weed, Knives and a Proposal – David Walter Banks, via LUCEO Images

Libya – Katie Orlinsky, Visura Online Magazine

A Woman’s War: Bangladesh – Elizabeth D. Herman, FotoVisura

Photo by Sanjit Das

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  1. Rosh Sillars at 5:34 pm

    Excellent list. I see a number of new topics and names I’m excited to follow. I also like touch of having photographs between segments.

    Stella Kramer’s – dear photographer and Jeremy Cowart – the power of a photograph are must reads.


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  13. Anonymous at 3:20 am

    thank for sharing this is a very interesting collection of blog posts related to the business of photography, marketing, and the usual inspiration. Awesome list and great pictures. I am a fan. I will take a look at each one. I am a amature photographer/ videoographer and truly appreciate there work. Jus got a new addition to the arsenal, a go pro hd and I love the fish eye perspective.

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