Friday Happy Hour: Photo Books, Giving Back & The Latest In iPhonography

Friday Happy Hour: Photo Books, Giving Back & The Latest In iPhonography

You’ve come to expect it… every Friday we do a little roundup of achievements in the PhotoShelter community and other photo related news that caught our eye over the past week. This week we ended up focusing on photo books, photographers with interesting business models, and the latest in iPhoneography. Check it out and let us know what stories grabbed your attention this week.

How To Shoot A Reportage by Enzo Dal Verme

PhotoShelter member Enzo Dal Verme recently released his book, How To Shoot A Reportage, which is his version of a how-to for professional reportage photographers. Included are beautiful examples of work from his archive. Congrats on the new book Enzo!

Top photo book of 2011 – National Geographic

For the second year in a row, National Geographic published the best-selling photo book in the U.S., according to Nielsen BookScan. Simply Beautiful Photographs  is a collection of images from National Geographic’s archive, edited by their award winning photographer Annie Griffiths. Read more in PDN’s article Top Photo Books of 2011.

Ex-paparazzo uses guerilla skills to photograph your proposal

James Ambler was your traditional paparazzi photographer who spent his time chasing down celebs like Angelina Jolie. The stress of the job gave him a heart attack – literally. So he quit the business and applied his skills to the greater good: photographing proposals. Pap The Question is his new business endeavor where you can hire their photographers to record your special moment without your partner ever knowing. James was on the Today Show, so we know it’s legit, right?

Help-Portrait gives photos to people in need

Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart founded and started Help-Portrait, a community of photographers who use their photo skills to give back to the local communities. We interviewed Jeremy about Help-Portrait last year, and they’re back at it again this year. The idea is to use Help-Portrait’s network to team up with other like-minded photographers and give families in the need the chance to have their portrait taken. The initiative is going strong through December – find out how you can get involved here.

New app by the makers of Instagram

By now you know that Instagram has taken over the world of phone photography. Now the same manufactures have released their newest app – the Hipstamatic Disposable. This free app let’s you create a virtual “D-cam” that looks like a futuristic disposable camera (if such a thing were possible) and share it with you Facebook friends. Here’s the catch: as you would expect with a real disposable camera, you can’t see the pictures until you’ve finished the roll of film. So you and your friends must take 24 pictures using the app before you can see the results. Kind of a sappy but delightful trick.

Pocket Projector for iPhone 4

As part of its 12 days of Netted – Webby’s version of daily holiday gift deals – they partnered with Brookstone to get you 25% off the iPhone 4 Pocket Projector. It’s a neat little dock for your phone that let’s you project images on any surface, and even has build-in speakers for audio entertainment. A gift for the super tech nerds. Click from Netted to see the deal.


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