Holiday Cards We Received #1: Sol Neelman

Holiday Cards We Received #1: Sol Neelman

Nothing like coming to the office and getting a handful of holiday cards from all of you nice people. So we figured we’d showcase a few over the next few days and weeks (and give the senders some SEO love).

Portland portrait, editorial and commercial photographer, Sol Neelman has published his first book entitled “Weird Sports.” As you can tell by the cover art, it’s a pretty fantastic collection of photos covering everything from dog surfing to extreme pencil fighting.

The limited edition book ($113) is beautifully printed and bound, but as they say on TV, “wait, there’s more!” And that’s where the fun(ner) part comes in. Sol has made some custom luchador masks (NACHOOOOOOOOO!)

Andrew got “The Donald.”

And I got “The Bucky.”

Hey Sol, how’s about some eyeglasses holes next time!

Send us your holiday card!

33 Union Sq West
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003


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