Holiday Cards We Received #3

Holiday Cards We Received #3

Did you miss #1 or #2?

Icelandic commercial photographer, Bernhard Kristinn, sent us a really cool and huge card featuring Santa, who as you know lives quite close to Iceland. Open it up and you get a nice look at the Profoto gear (I want it!), and the beautiful cyclorama made from ice. Just kidding. I visited Iceland in 1994, and I learned one phrase that I’ve stored in my head for 17 years. I’d like to share with all of the great Icelandic PhotoShelter users: “Bjorgunarvesti undir saetum.”

New York City Architectural and Editorial Photographer, Karsten Moran, sent us an apropos architectural photo depicting some snow, which we haven’t seen very much of in New York this year (hey mother nature, we’re not complaining). As we bask in the warmth of 50 degree weather in late December, let us dream, but never realize a heavy snowfall.

News, sport and event photographer, Tim Vizer went the non photo route and offered good tidings in different languages from around the world.


And finally, the nice people over at Nikon Professional Services sent us some cool leather bound date books.


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