Our New Office Wall Art

Our New Office Wall Art

If you walked into our office before today, you might have been hard pressed to identify us as a company that services photographers owing to the complete and utter lack of photography. We thought that we should start rectifying that problem, so we picked out a few images and had them printed and facemounted at 70″ x 44″. And this morning, we had the first four pieces hung on our walls. The office isn’t new, but the wall art is. So in order of decreasing ambient light color temperature (yeah, we’re nerds):

Todd Owyoung, ?uestlove
?uestlove is the leader of The Roots, who have a sweet new album out entitled “Undun.” If you’re not a big hip hop fan, then you might know him better as the frontman for Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night band. We definitely need a rainbow afro wig and drum kit for Mike.

Guillaume Gaudet, “No Swimming, Coney Island 2010”
Andrew picked this one based on his love of jumping, Coney Island, great photography. Caroline is definitely wishing it was summer, although it’s hard to complain when it’s 55 degrees in late December in New York.

Chris Owyoung, Adele
Like his brother, Chris likes to shoot shows and music, and he got this sweet photo of British pop star Adele before she had to cancel all her 2011 shows due to vocal cord surgery. We miss ya, Adele! Get better soon.

Allen Murabayashi, Stand-up Paddlers
I know, I know, I picked my own photo to hang in the office. I can assure that it’s not hubris that led me to such a decision, I just liked the serenity of this ocean shot because I grew up in Hawai’i (by the way, this is in the Hamptons, not Hawai’i).

And while the next image isn’t wall art, I thought I would show you our little twitter station that Karin set up for us a few weeks ago. Over by the marketing area, we monitor all the tweets about PhotoShelter. So say hi!

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