Photo Jobs in the New Economy: ZocDoc

Photo Jobs in the New Economy: ZocDoc

Part two of an on-going series looking at how new photography opportunities are arising on the Internet.

New York-based ZocDoc is like OpenTable for doctors. Need to find a orthopedist in your zipcode who takes your insurance and has openings tomorrow? ZocDoc can help you find the appointment you need for free in over a dozen cities in the US. The rapidly growing start-up has already attracted a ton of venture capital and was co-founded by Cyrus Massoumi, whose own need for a doctor in a pinch led to the creation of the company (disclosure: Cyrus is a friend who I met through the NY entrepreneur community).

So what does this have to do with photography?

ZocDoc has found that the photographs of the doctors that it presents in its search listings can strongly influence a patient’s trust and his/her likelihood of using that doctor. Turns out that as much as we want well-credentialed physicians taking care of us, we also are looking for someone who looks trustworthy, amiable, and/or experienced. You might think it sounds a bit too much like online dating, but when it comes to our health, feeling comfortable with your doctor is a major part of seeking care and following up with treatment.

Search results are presented with location, ratings, and available times.


Individual doctor listings prominently display a photograph which can sway patients to book an appointment.

With freelance photographers in many different cities helping to take doctor portraits, ZocDoc has determined the need for a full-time Head of Photography to help establish an infrastructure for collecting photos and a methodology to ensure visual consistency across all the photos. COO & co-founder Oliver Kharraz, MD, explains:

“Photography [on ZocDoc] is really about helping the patient choose the doctor, and we found that the photo makes a huge difference because it’s perceived like a ‘pre-meeting’ with the doctor…Different doctors do well with different types of patients, but as we move to a higher quality photo, patients are reacting more positively to the offering.”

In the (near) future, video will likely be integrated into the offering as well, providing yet another way for patients to become comfortable before they step into the office.

Think you have what it takes? Wanna work for the #1 Place to Work in New York City according to Crain’s New York ? Apply for the Head of Photography position now. (Also, save yourself some headache and use PhotoShelter to solve the infrastructure part of the job 😉 )

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