Photography Gifts Guide: Gag Gifts

Photography Gifts Guide: Gag Gifts

These are the photo gifts that no one actually wants, but somehow keep showing up in various holiday gift guides for photographers…you know, the type of gifts you get from Aunt Mildridge year after year, even though you’ve told her that while the camera tie is pretty snazzy, it’s really just not your style.

So here’s what we found in the gag gifts department. But please, tell us your stories – What’s the worst/funniest/strangest photography-related gift you’ve ever received?

And if you missed our other holiday photography gift guides…

$50 or less

$500 or less

No spending limit

Plushtography Lens Pillow – $??

Looks like Plushtography’s shop is under construction, but as soon as it’s up and running, we’ll be there to get our very own life-sized lens pillow. And then we’ll take a super cute picture of us hugging it.

Image from Plushtography

Film Paper Towel Box – $16.90

Have you been racking your brain about what to do with all those empty film canisters ever since you switched to digital? Worry no more! The people over at Brando have figured out how to reuse them for tissue and toilet paper dispensers (phew!).

Canon Lens Coffee Mug – $16.95

Ok fine, several of us at PhotoShelter have this mug, but that doesn’t make it any less nerdy.

Camera Cookie Cutters – $17.95

Have you camera and eat it, too.

Photojojo Camera Strap Tee – $20

For those days when you don’t have  to carry around your camera, but still feel kinda naked without it.

Real Men Shoot RAW T-Shirt – $24

Let ’em know how it’s done.

Photo-opoly – $29.99

Photographers and monopoly lovers, rejoice – Hasboro has customized this classic game just for you. Choose 22 photos and create your own personalized monopoly game.

Camera Tie – $33.70

Thanks again, Aunt Mildridge.

Vintage Camera Mobile – $35

Says Photojojo, “Most people have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads…but you? You’ve got cameras on the brain, and now they’re floating above your head.”

LEGO Digital Camera – $39.99

Cute for the young photographer – or photographer young at heart – but clearly not the type of camera you’d want to bring to your next shoot. Though it is a fully functioning digital camera with a built-in flash and fixed focus.

Fleece Photo Blanket – $49.99+

You already know that you can print your images on pretty much anything these days. So why not invest in a full sized fleece blanket to show off your favorite photo? Take it out to picnics or the beach for some free advertising.

Recycled Camera Focus Lens Cuff – $231

We like that the idea for these cuffs came from recycled lenses, but now they want $231 for a sterling silver version. We’d rather choose something from our $500 and under wish-list for that price.

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