Friday Happy Hour: The Flying Baby, Anatomy of a Viral Photo & More

Friday Happy Hour: The Flying Baby, Anatomy of a Viral Photo & More

There were a handful of photography projects that had us drooling this week. One that immediately caught our eye is from former PhotoShelter team member Rachel Hulin, who captured infants in flight. Another was a series of long-exposure firefly photos by a hobbyist photographer, which ended up going viral. There was a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

The flying baby by Rachel Hulin

Former PhotoShelter team member and Providence/New York-based photographer Rachel Hulin was picked up by TIME LightBox and The Huffington Post earlier this week for her photos of flying babies. The idea came about while on assignment, when Rachel decided to make her son Henry fly. While she wouldn’t talk about the exact details of her shots, Rachel says that she never threw the babies. Well, phew!

Photo by Rachel Hulin

The anatomy of a viral photo

The RAW FILE by Wired wasn’t the only online source to spread word about Tsuneaki Hiramatsu’s long-exposure firefly photos. Hiramatsu, who’s from Japan, posts to his Digital Photo Blog but at some point the photos appeared on a Tumblr blog – next thing you know, 24,000+ people have reblogged and liked the post. Since then, Hiramatsu has been contacted by the American Museum of Natural History and covered by countless other blogs. What’s next for the viral photographer? Upgrading to the Nikon D800. Read more about how he took the shots on the RAW FILE.

Photo by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu

“Portfolio Perfect – What Buyers and Agents Are Looking For Today”

This March, the American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP) will host a panel of art buyers, producers, and stock agency creatives reviewing photographer portfolios in both one-on-one and group settings. The event takes place March 8 from 6pm-8pm in Seattle, Washington, and is a great opportunity to get feedback and fine-tune your portfolio. Register before March 1st for a 15-minute private consultation. Check out more info and ticket prices here.

American Photography’s Pro Photo Daily

American Photography presents images by established and emerging photographers, selected by a jury of  people from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Glamour and more. The collection offers an informed view of photography today, and now the group is offering a newsletter – Pro Photo Daily. Register to receive inspiration work and insightful news/opinion from across the photography world.

Ami Vitale & the 10th anniversary of the Gujarat riots

In 2002, violence escalated to an unprecedented level between Hindus and Muslims in the Indian state of Gujarat. Documentary and travel photographer Ami Vitale was there to cover the riots, and 10 years later the nature of these events remains politically controversial. Regardless of political or cultural opinion, Ami wanted to share her images from those days with us. Please also see her full PhotoShelter gallery, Gujarat (some images are graphic in nature).

Photo by Ami Vitale. Nisha Rathad, 20, covers her face and giggles as she stands in front of the Hindu Aryan symbol painted on her home March 2, 2002 in Ahmedabad, India. Her Muslim neighbor had been killed a few feet away from her home the day before. These symbols were painted on most Hindus homes to protect them from the religious violence that swept through this region and killed over three hundred people in three days, the worst communal bloodshed in a decade.

Photo by Ami Vitale. Indian police drag away a man believed to be instigating violence in central Ahmedabad, India, March 3, 2002. The violence left more than a thousand dead and an entire nation traumatized and divided.

Japan tsunami: before & after images

Reuters has posted an incredible slideshow of images from the 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, and how those hardest hit areas look today. Seeing the before and after photos side-by-side is a real testament to the ability for people to bounce back from disaster.

Source: Reuters

Stock agency Alamy reporting 48% revenue increase

While talk continues to circulate about the declining stock industry, photo agency Alamy is reporting U.S. revenue up 48% in the last quarter of 2011 (source: About The Image). The agency is also close to “smashing” the 30 million image milestone, and has already accumulated 1 million images in the first 6 weeks of 2012. Do photographers think that the profits of a big-name agency signal anything for individual stock photographer success? Read what professional stock photographers have to say in our free guide, Selling Stock Photography.

New camera concept explores cylinder-shaped camera

Last week Geeky Gadgets reported on Jean-michel Bonnemoy’s new D-CAN camera concept, which takes all the functionality of a rectangular box-designed camera and gives it a sleek cylinder shape. The idea is to reduce the camera’s volume, while still allowing all the controls that we’re used to. A little futuristic, but is it even appealing? You tell us.

Source: Geeky Gadget

Ken Kaminesky’s marketing adventure in brand strategy

PhotoShelter member and travel photographer Ken Kaminesky decided it was time for a change. He was a fan of his blog’s design, but felt like it needed to tie better with the rest of his business materials. That’s when he started working with Agency Access’ Campaign Manager Pro program and Jennifer Kilberg of FluidVision. From there, Ken focused on taking his on-brand blog design and marrying it with everything from business cards to email promos to PDF portfolios. Read more about this “adventure” and see the works in progress in Ken’s post for Agency Access’ The Lab.

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