Live Webinar: How To Grow a Wedding Photo Business with Chip Litherland

Live Webinar: How To Grow a Wedding Photo Business with Chip Litherland

How To Grow a Wedding Photography Business with Chip Litherland – Tuesday, March 6 @ 4pm ET.

Photo by Chip Litherland

Note: This webinar was recorded live. Watch the video here.

One night in Vegas, Florida-based photojournalist Chip Litherland made a bet at the roulette table on number 11, and ended up meeting his wife that night. Years later, Chip took another leap of faith on that number when he decided to supplement his photojournalism career with a new business venture: Eleven Weddings.

After graduating college in 2000, Chip Litherland went straight to his first love of editorial. After years of pure photojournalism and appearances in publications like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, a desire to branch out and the faltering print industry inspired him to explore alternative avenues.

But, weddings weren’t exactly on his radar. That all started to change when Chip’s sister asked him to shoot her own wedding. In one day, Chip learned the stress and chaos involved in shooting a wedding; he also discovered the creative potential. Friends started requesting his services and quickly he realized this wasn’t just something he could do for extra work, it was work he enjoyed doing.

Today, Chip shoots 20-25 weddings a year, while still continuing his career as a photojournalist.

Photo by Chip Litherland

Next week Chip will speak with Allen on what it takes to grow your own wedding photography business from the ground up. He brings a unique perspective to the table with his background in photojournalism – plus a very well developed business model that has perhaps been his greatest asset.

Register now for this live webinar, How To Grow a Wedding Photography Business with Chip Litherland – Tuesday, March 6 @ 4pm ET.

In this live webinar, Chip will give his pro insights on:

  • Why being a wedding photographer does not mean you have to give up your photojournalism career in other niches.
  • How a strong overall brand experience can guarantee a strong client experience.
  • Plus, how word-of-mouth marketing and SEO can help build your wedding photography business.

Chip breaks down where he finds his wedding clients.

Specific details that Chip will address include:

  • What goes into a killer website
  • Why blogging is a wedding photographer’s lifeline
  • Where to go when you realize brides don’t grow on trees
  • Wedding photographer insurance
  • Pricing and packages
  • Post wedding day must-do’s

Photo by Chip Litherland

The webinar is free, but space is limited. Register today!

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