Getting Ready for the March 24 PhotoShelter Upgrades

Getting Ready for the March 24 PhotoShelter Upgrades

Last week, we told you about the kickoff of our plans for a year-long series of PhotoShelter upgrades, with the first phase starting March 24. (Read all the details here.) We’re just now putting the finishing touches on the first phase of major new features and user interface designs that will improve the way you manage, share and deliver your photography to clients.

Here’s a quick reminder about the plan for downtime and tips on where you can get more information about the coming changes:

Planned Downtime Date: Saturday, 24 March 2012

Duration: 8 hours, US EDT – Eastern Daylight Time (UTC minus 4 hours)

START: 12:01 AM EDT 24-MAR-2012

END: 08:00 AM EDT 24-MAR-2012

As always, we will make every effort to resume normal system operations faster than this planned duration.

Preview Webinars:

To prepare in advance for the new features and how interacting with your PhotoShelter account will change, please join us for one of three preview webinars on March 20 .

Preview Webinar: Tuesday 3/20 @ 11am EDT

Preview Webinar: Tuesday 3/20 @ 2pm EDT

Preview Webinar: Tuesday 3/20 @ 4pm EDT

Our Client Services Team:

Our Client Services staff will also be working extended hours following the upgrades, including weekend phone support, to help you with any urgent issues. Of course, you can contact Client Services anytime with any questions or comments.

Discuss the Upgrades:

We’ve opened a special forum category for members to discuss the coming upgrades with other PhotoShelter members. Of course, our team is answering questions there too.

Next week we’ll start sharing some more detailed previews of the new features. Can’t wait!


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