A Brand New PhotoShelter: New Features & Big Workflow Changes

A Brand New PhotoShelter: New Features & Big Workflow Changes

We’ve just introduced a new Image Browser and workflow tools that fundamentally change how you organize and present your images. The first phase of a brand new PhotoShelter is exciting, but you’ll need some help finding your way around. To see the new features and prevent interruptions to your workflow, review this overview of the new system first.

We’ll be adding more features soon and fixing known bugs in the coming days. Until then, enjoy the new features and stay tuned for more info on the next phases of a brand new PhotoShelter – it’s going to be a very exciting year! 

The big changes include the following:

Easier, faster image management

We combined the Archive and Gallery areas into a single user interface. Now, virtually everything you want to do with an image inside of PhotoShelter is possible in one place: the new Image Browser. You can easily navigate between Unlisted content and content that’s Listed on your website.


Easier image organization

We added a more intuitive structure for arranging public and private image galleries, including infinite gallery “nesting,” and a simple way to see all the content listed on your website. For example, clicking Listed on Website will give you a view of how Galleries are arranged on your website in the center pane.


Better File Delivery

We created a new set of online image delivery tools to help you get batches of images to clients faster. This includes a brand new address book that speeds up the distribution of your content to groups and individuals, and a Quick Send feature for delivering instant image downloads to clients in a hurry.


Powerful viewing and access permissions

We’ve created a new way to manage visitor permissions. This will empower you to easily manage access to sensitive content, allow restricted downloads without hiding content entirely from fans and search engines, and simplify how your busy clients interact with your images. Multiple permissions for the same Gallery enable you to avoid creating new Galleries for every scenario.


And much, much more

We’ve also added a host of new workflow tools, including an improved archive search, and HTML5 drag and drop uploading. These upgrades will save you time, make it easier to edit images and collaborate with clients, and keep them coming back for more.

Your Files Are Safe

We took extreme measures to ensure that none of your files were lost during the update. We converted your Archive into a hidden Collection and created duplicates of your Galleries to make certain that nothing was lost. Unwanted copies are easily removed. Here’s a short video on how to deal with them.

We’re here to help

The last week has been challenging, as many of you will agree. We recognize that all changes, even ones that pave the way for improvement, require big adjustments. It’s our responsibility to help you make the adjustment and ensure that the service is bug free. When we released last week, this was not the case, and so we’re provided every PhotoShelter member with a little more storage (a lot really) as one way we can apologize for any inconvenience or stress caused by the bugs from last week. (Check your total storage here.)

We’re here for you as we make the transition together and we’re very open to your feedback. The Help Area has been updated with new written and video tutorials and an introductory video by Allen “Feeling the Panes – Finding Your Way Around the New PhotoShelter“. Plus, we’re tracking the status of any known issues in this forum thread.

Our New York-based Client Services team is offering extended email support. Get help by emailing us anytime at support@photoshelter.com, or call us at 1-212-206-0808. Phone support is available from 9:00am – 6:00pm US EDT, Monday – Friday. We’re here to help!

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  2. Paul 'Spike' Reddington at 11:54 am

    Guys, much better than before – I never figured out why we needed an archive and a gallery. The confusion of where an image is has been removed and we simply upload it and decide whether to make it visible or not.

    Looking forward to the rest of the upgrades – and thanks for the bonus storage!

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