Friday Happy Hour: Portraits of Life Over 80 & More

Friday Happy Hour: Portraits of Life Over 80 & More

“The Extraordinary” reveals life over 80 years-old

Amsterdam-based photographer Robert Bentley Harrison was featured in Flavorpill this week for his personal project, “The Extraordinary.” The project is a series of photographs showcasing the elderly to “celebrate the faces and identities of those over the age of 80.” While society often pushes these individuals to the sidelines, Harrison’s black and white portraits reveal something lovely and complex about their old age.

Photo by Robert Bentley Harrison via Flavorpill

DIY BackPack OctoDome for lighting solo shoots

Can’t afford an assistant but still want to get a well-lit shot? Try the Backpack OctoDome for solo lighting, “invented” by New York photographer Ian Spanier. Spanier attaches a Photoflex OctoDome to a LowePro Scope Porter 100 AW birdwatching backpack. He’s a member of the Lowepro Team and Photoflex Pro Team, and put together this idea when he was assigned to shoot Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler but couldn’t pay to hire an assistant. It takes some configuring, but luckily he’s posted the full DIY tutorial on his blog. (via PetaPixel)

Source: PetaPixel

Now you can own a Hasselblad for (kinda) less

Late last week, Hasselblad announced a revised pricing structure that would reduce the price of the H4D-31 by 22.9%, bringing it to a mere 11,995 Euros. The so-called “ultimate photography tool” – the 60 megapixel H4D-60 camera – has been reduced 20.59% to 23,900 Euros. “This is a groundbreaking move and a very important day indeed for every photographer who aspires to own one of the best cameras in the world,” said the sales and marketing director at Hasselblad. “For many, price has long been the biggest barrier to ownership.”

So now are you going to buy one? (via Imaging Insider)

Zuckerberg’s wedding photographer sniped

By now you might have heard that what was supposed to be a little daytime party turned into a surprised wedding between Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. But who took the couple’s photograph, the one posted to Facebook and quick to receive over 1.5 million likes? We wouldn’t find out for a few hours until Zuckerberg reposted the pic with credit, only to get 8 likes (but 13,000+ shares).

Photo by Noah Kalina via Facebook

The credit, we now know, is to Brooklyn-based photographer Noah Kalina who made his name in 2006 when his video “Everyday,” which features a timelapse of self-portraits taken daily for six years, went semi-viral. But New York Magazine makes a good point:

“The introduction of photo-sharing was a crucial part of Facebook’s financial success — all those amateur uploads helped make Zuckerberg a very wealthy man — and so it seems oddly fitting that Zuckerberg reflexively treated the professional photo, snapped by someone who originally made his fame through social sharing, like one of those amateur shots.”

What do you think? Tired of hearing about Facebook?

Behance grabs $6.5 million in first round funding

Behance – the online portfolio marketplace and platform for artists, graphic designers, web designers, and other creatives – has grabbed $6.5 million in its first round of funding, mainly from leading investor Union Square Ventures. Behance has grown to over 2 million projects on the site since its start in 2006 will the mission of helping creatives showcase their talent and gain online exposure. (via VentureBeat)

Co-founder and CEO Scott Belsky is one of over 20 speakers participating in Luminance, PhotoShelter’s conference this fall in NYC. Check out our full list of speakers, including Facebook, Tumblr, Christie’s, 20×200, and more.

Gene Lower’s shot of the solar eclipse

Arizona sports and event photographer Gene Lower of Slingshot Photography captured this shot of the solar eclipse on a golf course, which was featured in Sports Illustrated‘s iPad edition this week. Gene photographs for the Arizona Cardinals and his work has been shown in Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine, and more.

Photo by Gene Lower

Google+ Photographer’s Conference

Did you follow the Google+ Photographer’s Conference this week? If you weren’t there to attend the live event in San Francisco, check out Google+’s event page for photos and tagged posts from photographers like Peter Hurley, Sergey Brin, and Scott Kelby.

It’s evident that Google+ is trying really, really hard to build a mass following among photographers, but from the looks of things it’s not “blowing up” among the greater community. What do you think? Have you been paying attention to Google+? We want to hear your thoughts, so leave them in the comments.

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