Live Video Interview with Newsweek’s Senior Photo Editor

Live Video Interview with Newsweek’s Senior Photo Editor

Newsweek‘s Senior International Photo Editor, Jamie Wellford, has been at the magazine for over a decade. Before that he worked at several top photo agencies, which has put him deep into the trenches of photojournalism. Jamie has seen and commissioned some of the most noteworthy photo stories of our time, giving him a unique perspective that might come off as old-school or single-minded in what he wants.

But you can’t argue that Jamie’s invaluable experience in the editorial and photojournalism communities. It’s with this thought in mind that we asked him to share his opinions on:

  • Why disturbing or upsetting events often make for truly great photojournalism.
  • How management changes at Newsweek have altered how Jamie hires new photographers.
  • The risks photographers must take in pitching story ideas to editorial publications.

Watch the video below for the full hour interview with Jamie.

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  1. faseeh shams at 12:37 pm

    Brilliant Interview – and thanks for posting it Lauren. I do look forward to seeing more interviews from photo editors of other international non-english papers.

    best of luck

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