Special Offer: 10 Business Branding Secrets for Photographers

Special Offer: 10 Business Branding Secrets for Photographers

Today, it’s more important than ever to develop a brand to differentiate yourself from the competition, and build a strong and lasting face for your business. But what exactly makes up your brand?

To help answer this question and keep you a step above the rest, we present PhotoShelter’s 10 Branding Secrets for Photographers. This limited-time offer is available to new PhotoShelter members who sign up now through June 1, 2012. Sign up for any PhotoShelter plan today and receive the 10 Branding Secrets for Photographers free.

Branding is more than your images and logo – it’s your business’ personality. It’s about who you are and how you communicate your strengths and specialties to your market. Without good branding, many potential clients will choose the most convenient or lowest priced photographer they can find, who in reality don’t offer half you do in service or quality.

Amp up your photography business using the 10 tips from this guide, which includes specific action items to get you started, like:

  • Look at photographers in your niche market and compile a list of what they are offering their clients. Figure out what’s missing and what can be improved, and decide if your brand can be the answer to those opportunities in the market.
  • Write down 20 to 30 words that describe your services, your speciality, and the personality of your brand.  Narrow it down to 10, then to the 5 most important traits that you want your business to communicate to your clients.
  • Remember your brand’s personality and the feeling you want to evoke. If this feeling is consistent through all your messaging and interactions, customers will be more confident about investing in your services, and passing your name along to their friends.

 Sign up for PhotoShelter’s free 14-day trial today and get the guide, 10 Branding Secrets for Photographers.

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