The 11 Best Photography Blog Topics

The 11 Best Photography Blog Topics

Creating compelling content for your photography blog is key to building traffic and getting new clients to check out your work. But what makes for compelling content?

Start by setting aside your literary ambitions and remembering your photography blog is primarily a marketing tool. You want views, clicks, links, likes, and other sharing mechanisms that will spread word about your photography business the farthest and widest. To that end, a successful blog entry should be total linkbait – content people will want to link to and share with others.

Time and practice has taught us a few topic areas that tend to hook the audience:

1. Top 10 Lists

Top 10 are highly clickable and easy to share – a list provides quick, easily understood context for exactly what the reader will find in your blog post. Added bonus: lists don’t need to be copy-heavy or heavily researched. Go ahead and give your own opinion on the 8 female photographers who changed the industry, and watch the hits roll in.

Examples of Top 10 Lists:

Blog Topics: Top 10 Lists

2. Stir the Pot

If you’re not afraid to ruffle a few feathers, bucking tradition or authority with a controversial statement is a great way to get the community buzzing. However, don’t just say something provocative for the sake of getting a rise out of people. It is better to put forth your opinion on a topic about which you genuinely have something to say, and back that statement up with facts and illustrative examples.

Prepare yourself for a helping of haters, and make sure to respond to naysayers with the same intelligent clarity with which you crafted the article.

Examples of Stiring the Pot:

3. Offer Tutorials

The Internet is a DIY paradise, and “how-to” articles are their own cottage industry. If you have a creative and, even better, inexpensive method to completing a task or technique – people will take notice.

Don’t have a cheap, novel approach?  Think about your specialty and the services you offer, and explain how you do what you do best – you will likely still find an interested audience.

Examples of Tutorials:

Blog Topics: Tutorials

4. Write a Review

Clearly there is no shortage of photography gear reviews on the Internet. That should not discourage you from writing one yourself. Many photographers carve out a niche for themselves based on their reviews. It might be what you say, it might be how you say it, but if you write a great gear review, someone will definitely be reading.

Examples of Reviews:

5. Compile Resources

Everyone loves to discover that all the information they need on a topic already exists in one place. If you don’t mind doing a little legwork, then try assembling a specific, relevant list of online resources. This may be a particularly useful option for photographers who do not consider themselves strong writers – a resource list is more about supporting the topic, and writing need not be heavily involved.

Examples of Compiling Resources:

6. Crack a Joke

If your friends say you’re the funniest gal/guy they know, why not test their theory on your blog? If you have a knack for it, there’s no harm testing your knack for making an audience laugh.

Examples of Cracking a Joke:

7. Infographics

Move over Top 10 lists, infographics are the new linkbait. If you are any good at designing charts or graphs, an infographic is a great copy alternative to dissecting a topic, concept, or issue. You don’t necessarily need to be a skilled designer to present information in a clever, visual way. Flow charts usually require little design prowess but are a great way to illustrate a linear idea.

Examples of Infographics:

Blog Topics: Infographics

8. Crowdsource Commentary

PhotoShelter’s Grover Sanschagrin asked the photography community what their favorite digital point and shoot cameras were. The result was one of the most highly trafficked posts of the year, and a numbered list at that! You can source your colleagues, pose a question to your readers, or blast your social media platforms. No matter the route, you will end up with content created for you that also proves to your community that you value their opinion.

Examples of Crowdsourced Commentary:

Blog Topics: Crowdsource Commentary

9. Interview People Smarter Than You

The world is full of smart, interesting people with an experienced viewpoint. An interview with them can add depth to an issue and will likely bring new people to your blog that might not have found it otherwise. You could also email a photographer whose work you admire or a prospective client that you’d love to work with one day. As long as the interview is not a thinly veiled request for work, promoting them with an interview on your blog will at least get you on a few radars.

Blog Topics: Interview People Smarter Than You

10. Go Behind-The-Scenes

Behind-the-scenes content usually resonates well with an audience, especially photographers who love to learn the story behind an image. Practically any photo assignment you’ve done has the potential to become a behind-the-scenes blog post.

Examples of Behinds-The-Scenes:


Newsworthy content can create short bursts of link-building and discussion. Beware that a relevant topic today is yesterday’s news tomorrow. But if your particular field gives you exclusive access to breaking news, or even just an assignment, don’t discount the potential to generate buzz. Buzz is still buzz, and you want to generate as much of it as possible.

Example of News:

11. Invite a Guest Blogger

Invite industry or relevant professionals to do a guest post on your blog. They get exposure to a new readership, you get a break from writing, and your readers get a fresh perspective. You will also get links aplenty from the guest blogger and his/her community.

Examples of Guest Bloggers:

Blog Topics: Guest Blogger

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    These are all great tips! I think the most important thing is to just be creative. For example, when you listed the how-to examples the one that stood out to me the most was the how to take pictures of grizzly bears post because really, who thinks of that? A concept and title like that are extremely click-worthy!

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