The 125 Items Needed To Shoot One Video

The 125 Items Needed To Shoot One Video

When Corey Rich was a kid, he fell in love with rock climbing, and wanted to find a way to bring that adventure back home and share it with people. That passion for documenting extreme sports and adventure with a camera has shaped the foundation of Corey’s career as a visual storyteller.

Today Corey shoots over 250 days out of the year, and as the commercial and advertising worlds have largely turned to multimedia, Corey has been there to provide his clients with visually stunning stills and more importantly, video.

For his most recent video project for the state of New Mexico, Corey and his crew spent several days on location to get the perfect shots that would tell a complete and compelling story. To make sure everything ran smoothly, the production team came equipped with an exhaustive amount of gear (over 125 items!):

Corey Rich Production’s gear list.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of transition to video, don’t freak out just yet. In this live webinar recording, Corey talks with PhotoShelter Co-Founder Grover about how photographers can make a smooth transition from shooting stills to video – and it doesn’t involve spending boatloads of cash on new gear. In fact there are only 6 “bare essentials”, as Corey calls them, that he says you need to shoot video successfully.

Find out what gear is a must-have for shooting video, as well as a detailed rundown of what photographers need to think about before embarking on a video project. Plus, Corey’s 3 ingredients for what it takes to transition from still to motion.

Corey shares a few things you might not have thought about when shooting video:

  • Consider using locals and crew members to act as stand-ins.
  • Beware that there’s not auto-focus in shooting video – it’s back to the view finder.
  • Creating a fully flushed out production document is key to avoiding mistakes or last-minute problems.

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  1. Esther at 12:13 am

    Thanks for this interview. I was expecting something a bit more basic. Corey is obviously progressed well beyond the “transition” stage and is into full-blown productions.

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