Behind the Lens: Alexa Miller’s Collaboration with Light

Behind the Lens: Alexa Miller’s Collaboration with Light

Each week we’ll feature one photographer from the PhotoShelter community, and share his or her story behind the shots that caught our eye.

  • Photographer: Alexa Miller
  • Specialty: Lifestyle & Commercial
  • Current Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Clients: Seventeen Magazine, Polaroid, Fitness, Shape  
  • PhotoShelter Website:

The Shots:

Photo by Alexa Miller

Photo by Alexa Miller

Photo by Alexa Miller

The Story:

Alexa Miller likes to think of her work as a collaboration with light. “99% of my shots are all natural light,” she explains. “I love working with what’s happening, seeing the light move, and tapping into that energy.” She describes working with her models in a similar way: “I like to let the scene unfold, and not lose sight of what is happening naturally. I don’t want to control the scene, I want to slip into and guide it, but mainly capture the moment as it happens.”

Alexa started shooting black and white film at the age of 15, and became a serious photographer after doing some modeling for Oaklely and Roxey. “I realized that I was more interested in making photos than skiing and modeling in them. So I started shooting action sports, particularly skiing and snowboarding.”

After graduating from Art Center College of Design, Alexa moved to Montana to have easy access to the mountains and began building her portfolio. “Everyone said I was crazy, and it would kill my career, but I loved the beauty of the nature there and the big mountains. So I started building my portfolio in Bozeman, making trips to NYC to show my book and within a few years I was busy shooting commercial work for the ski industry, and editorial work for Fitness, Shape, Outside and Men’s Journal.”

The images above are a mix of Alexa’s personal work and more recent fashion test shoots. The first image is of Alexa’s friend, Constanza, a model from Argentina. “I love her look and energy, and wanted to spend some time with her for my portfolio, making something was both authentic, honest, and fashion inspired.” The second image comes from a fashion test shoot with Ford Models NYC: “I’m just starting to work on my fashion portfolio, so I’ve been doing test shoots for Ford while I build my book,” Alexa explains. The third image was captured while on a road trip through New England: “When I see something beautiful, like this dewy field, I want to bring a person into the frame, and create something with a more human quality. I think that’s why I love shooting lifestyle.”

Alexa shoots with both her Canon 5D Mark II and beloved vintage Voigtlander camera. She now lives in Brooklyn.

What caught our eye:

Although Alexa was originally inspired by the snowy mountains, she has mastered the ability to capture warm summer light. Her photographs have a sense of authenticity, and it’s apparent that her adventurous personality allows for a sense of freedom while on sets. Also her PhotoShelter website, customized by Alexandru Vita, is truly stunning.

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