Friday Happy Hour: Protecting Photographer Copyrights & More

Friday Happy Hour: Protecting Photographer Copyrights & More

Several fun photo projects, two exciting launches, and a little word to the wise on copyrights make up our Friday Happy Hour this week. What caught your eye in the past week? Link to it in the comments for us to check out.

Protecting photographers’ copyrights

Travel photographer Ken Kaminesky knows the importance of copyrights, and understands how daunting it can be for photographers to consistently register with the Copyright Office. So he recently spoke with ImageRights, which has a global network of copyright attorneys that help photographers pursue copyright infringers.

What sets ImageRights apart is that they will take on photographers’ cases for little or no fee. Joe Naylor, CEO of ImageRights, also strongly suggests that photographers make registering images with the US Copyright Office part of their regular workflow. Ken posted a full interview with ImageRights, so check it out at “Protecting Photographer Copyright.” What do you think – do you have your images’ copyrights registered?

Photoblog Alliance launches new blog platform

The latest blog on our reading list comes from the Photoblog Alliance – a collective of international photographers that’s inviting photographers to submit their images and photo articles for the blog. Editor and photographer Brian Haferkamp says, “Using the power of our collaborators’ social networks, we help one another extend the reach of our online marketing efforts. If you join with us, you will also become a part of a growing community of serious photographers.”

The Photoblog Alliance Image Gallery

Check out the Photoblog Alliance Image Gallery and Blog for more.

Hipstamatic’s Foundation for Photojournalism

Synthetic – the makers of Hipstamatic – announced their plans for the Hipstamatic Foundation for Photojournalism later this year. The company says that the foundation will support “the next generation of photographic storytellers using smartphones with Hipstamatic to tell and broadcast their tales.” Hipstamatic will launch a pack of digital lenses and films dedicated to photojournalists to raise funds. (via BJP)

Since its release in December 2009, Hipstamatic images have graced the pages of publications like The New York Times. CEO Lucas Allen Buick told PhotoShelter that he wants to “blur the lines between analog, digital, and mobile…We want to democratize photography and empower creativity in the next generation of visual storytellers. It’s only just beginning, and we want to continue to lead this movement.”

Lucas Allen Buick will be speaking at Luminance 2012 on how filters are adding emotion to photography. To find out more about his talk and the other Luminance speakers, head over to

Jim Jordan photo workshop

Renowned celebrity and fashion photographer Jim Jordan, who shoots for publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Elle as well as clients like J Crew and Levi’s, is hosting a new workshop this fall.  The workshops takes place at his chateau/studio in Calabasas, California on September 5 & 6 and includes lectures, styled shoots, individual critiquing, and networking with other photographers. Check out for more info.

Cover photos by Jim Jordan

Sivan Askayo shoots your laundry

Travel photographer Sivan Askayo is working on a project that stems from her childhood in Tel Aviv, Isreal. “Intimacy Under the Wires” captures laundry hung outsides balconies and windows to dry. “Laundry is something so personal and private yet so public,” says Sivan. “From looking at someone’s laundry we can tell so much about them and their lives without even meeting them.”

Check out a few of the ongoing series’ images below:

Photo by Sivan Askayo

Photo by Sivan Askayo

Photo by Sivan Askayo

Photo by Sivan Askayo

Motion control time lapse captures California’s Redwoods

Here’s to personal projects! Photographer Steven Poe, who’s also the Creative Director at izmostock – which specializes in car stock photos – has completed a motion control time lapse of the enchanted California coastal Redwood trees. “It got me out of the studio and away from cars on weekends, and geekin’ out on motion control technology,” says Steven of the personal project. Check it out below:

DAN$E by Ryan Enn Hughes

Next in Ryan Enn Hughes’ 360 Project is Ballet 360, featuring ballerinas from Canada’s National Ballet School. Dancers are captured simultaneously by 48 cameras aligned in a circle.

Ryan also turned Ballet 360 into an animated DIF, digitally manipulated to appear as moving paintings. Check out that and more at

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  3. Clint at 12:56 pm

    Recently I’ve had a buyer request the master image data, and said, he wanted to have the image printed himself. The image in question is a once in a lifetime shot and losing control or maintaining the quality would in my opinion significantly destroy the value of the image. I know that copyright law may help, but in reality it is more of a defense and could do little if you don’t have the means to peruse a legal remedy, particularly if the image would be sent outside the US. I thought a contract and a copyright usage agreement with a substance fee or some kind of bond may be a solution. What is your opinion?

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