Get The Guide: Selling Nature Photography

Get The Guide: Selling Nature Photography

The best nature photographers seem to walk the fine line between photographer and devout worshiper of the outdoors. For those who have made it their business to capture the natural world, it is often “less about the money and more about the passion, the love of it, and the lifestyle,” which is exactly how adventure and documentary photographer Jody McDonald put it.

Like Jody, the photographers featured in our latest free guide, Selling Nature Photography in partnership with Outdoor Photographer, have provided their insights on balancing marketing savviness with a true passion for their craft. This guide aims to help nature photographers penetrate the not-so-mysterious, but certainly tricky, ways of marketing and selling nature photography.

In PhotoShelter and Outdoor Photographer‘s guide to Selling Nature Photography, you’ll find interviews with seasoned photographers who have turned their passion for photographing the outdoors into thriving and sustainable businesses. Learn from leading photographers, including Art Wolfe, Jerry Monkman, Grant Kaye, Jody MacDonald and Martin Bailey who offer their advice on how to develop a niche, market your work, and bring clients through the door.

This guide also offers essential business tips to selling nature photography, such as:

  • Six questions to ask before pitching to editorial clients
  • Seven tips to get nature photography featured in public spaces
  • How to turn a passion into a thriving business
  • Why being a persistent business person and protecting your interests is a must
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