Behind The Lens: Wondering About Loneliness with Jeff Pachoud

Behind The Lens: Wondering About Loneliness with Jeff Pachoud

Each week we’ll feature one photographer from the PhotoShelter community, and share his or her story behind the shots that caught our eye.

  • Photographer: Jeff Pachoud
  • Specialty: Photojournalism
  • Current Location: Lyon, France
  • Clients: Staff photographer for Agence France Presse
  • PhotoShelter Website:
The Shots:

Photo by Jeff Pachoud / AFP

Photo by Jeff Pachoud

Photo by Jeff Pachoud

The Story: 

The above images are from Jeff Pachoud’s series “Wonder about Loneliness.” “I have always been inspired by ordinary people’s life, their stories, attitudes and feelings,” explains Jeff. “This series is a photographic essay about them.” One of Jeff’s favorite aspects of photography is imagining his subject’s stories, although he’s the first to admit he could be completely fabricating an unrealistic dipiction. “I really love observing people, picturing them, their lives, their feelings at the given instant I framed and pictured them.” He wanted to work on a series exploring the feeling of loneliness that everyone at one time or another must face. “I wanted to work on the special time it represents,” he says.

As he began working on the series, Jeff realized he wanted to explore the many different types of loneliness. “It can be a stressful time, like this woman at the Ukrainian market (the first image). She looks tired and fed up with her life. Or a time of evasion. I imagined this child (second image), pictured during a political meeting of the Fête de la Rose, had had enough with all these political speeches, and prefered being in his own bubble, going back in his child’s imaginary world. And a time for introspection like this lonely shadow (third image).”

“Maybe all the people I pictured were not living or thinking what I thought they were, but while wondering about them, about what was running in their heads, I was actually wondering about myself. That’s what I want to share – I’d like people to look at these pictures, imagine their story and then, wonder about their own lives,” he explains.

Most of the images in this series were shot with Jeff’s Leica M9. Jeff continues personal projects  in his free time along side preparing for news stories. See the entire series, Wonder about Loneliness.

What caught our eye:

Jeff’s depiction of a feeling we’ve all experienced holds a refreshing breath of honesty and humanity. At the moment when most of us would not want to be photographed, Jeff’s work reminds us of the beauty of being alone.

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