Luminance 2012 Photo Competition: Are You a Futurist? Part 1

Luminance 2012 Photo Competition: Are You a Futurist? Part 1

Last week we asked the very simple question, Do you want to win money for your photos? Many of you have already raised your virtual hand by registering for ImageBrief, the newest photo marketplace that’s helping us curate photography for Luminance 2012 – our very exciting conference September 12-13 in New York City.

Along with ImageBrief, we’re working with photo cooperative LUCEO to launch a photo competition for Luminance. Winning submissions will be displayed as part of a curated exhibition during the event – and will receive $1,213!

Here’s how it works: Participants must submit their entries through ImageBrief for consideration, which means that you’ll need to create a completely free ImageBrief account before you submit your photos. In order to be processed quickly, be sure to include “PHOTOSHELTER” in the “Tell Us About Yourself” section of the application. ImageBrief’s platform allows buyers to post briefs online, and then photographers can submit images that fit the brief.

We just posted our first of three briefs, which means you have three chances to win! Here’s the premise: We believe in the power of photography to help explain complicated things. In the spirit of simplification through photography and the theme of the event, we’ve chosen a quote for you to interpret with an image:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards.” – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was referring to the past’s influence on the future. So, for part one of the Luminance 2012 Photo Competition, we’re challenging you to submit an image that demonstrates the “history” or “past” of photography.

To enter, simply create a free ImageBrief account to access the Luminance 2012 Photo Competition #1: Are You a Futurist? brief. The brief contains more information and details on how to submit your images. Deadline for entries is Friday, August 31st. Then LUCEO will review the submissions and we’ll be announcing the winners on September 10th, the week of Luminance.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to ImageBrief and submit your photos!

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  1. stephen Kirkpatrick at 6:30 pm

    In the “Luminance” photo submissions it says “enter one photo” but there a people submitting nearly a dozen photos. What is correct, if you can enter more than one photo it would be nice to know.

    Please advise.

    Stephen Kirkpatrick

    • Lauren Margolis at 10:04 am

      @Stephen The brief states that photographers may only submit one photo. We’re in the process of asking photographers who have submitted more than one to remove the extras. Thanks for participating!

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