“Why Do You Love Photography?” Luminance Contest Winners, Week 3

“Why Do You Love Photography?” Luminance Contest Winners, Week 3

We are another week closer to Luminance 2012, PhotoShelter’s conference happening this September 12-13, and we want to make sure that all in attendance are surrounded by people who love photography.

Luminance speakers are leaders from FacebookGoogleLytroBehance20×200,Christie’sHipstamatic, and many more. If you’re a photographer, technologist, designer, or care about the direction of photography, this event is right up your alley.

So we asked, “Why do you love photography?” and every week we’re picking 3 winners to win two tickets each to the event, plus the#ilovephotography party.  We will be announcing the winners every Thursday on The PhotoShelter Blog.

We combed through all of the entrants up to August 1st, and after rounds of deep thought and careful readings, we have come up with our top three photography-lovers. In no particular order, we’re all set to share them with you now.  Here are this week’s winners:

1. Johnny Hanson:

I am a visualizer who believes great photography can change the world. As an educator and mentor, I am an inspiration to many fledgling photographers. My mantra is “Ideas before egos.” Make the world a better place with photography: authentic images that provoke genuine emotion and celebrate exceptional photography.

I eat, sleep, and breathe photography. I keep up with all the latest trends and know who’s doing what in the industry. For artful, unexpected images that complement my eclectic nature, I study up on fStop Photography: conceptual, offbeat images with a quirky edge.

I dive deep into photographic mysteries with a mix of problem-solving and gut instinct. Both clever and resourceful, I continually amaze with keen observations and the ability to solve each puzzle with plenty of time to make it to print. I keep an eye out for my photography for conceptual images that engage and involve.”

2. Jeremy Berkson:

I live, breathe, eat, drink, sleep, and feel photography in my bones. I was practically born holding a camera. I got my first 110 camera from my mom when I was 4 and my great grandfather supported a family of 8 with his humble photography business. As an emerging professional and a recent graduate from AIFL (A.S. in Photography), I am constantly searching out opportunities to meet more pros and become immersed in this craft. I enjoy all types of photography from commercial to consumer. I love learning about lighting, new gear and technology, and trends which affect this industry. Please consider me for two free tickets to this event. My fiance (also a huge photography buff and my business partner) would love to attend with me. Thanks for your consideration.

3. Jason Buch:

I love photography because it is the perfect blend of my technical and creative sides. I come from an engineering and green building design background, but after years in that industry I needed a change and something to get my personal creative side more active. I’ve made some big shifts over the past six years, discovering what I really want out of my life, and I felt quite led to photography. It is such a fantastic combination of personal creative vision and technical implementation! While it takes both sides, a photographer can choose to swing more one way or the other depending on any number of factors and day of the week. I can’t think of a more perfect blend of creativity and technical knowledge.

Once again, we would like to thank all of our enthusiastic entrants on their fantastic posts and contributions.  Remember, you still have a chance to enter for next week, this contest is on-going and the rules are still the same.

Enter for your chance to win! We’ll be picking 3 winners every week until the big event.

To enter:

  1. Share this link on your Facebook page, tweet @photoshelter, or hit the ‘Like’ button on this blog post to help spread the word and let people know you’re excited for the event. Then,
  2. Post your response to “Why do you love photography?” as a comment below in this blog. Be sure to enter your full name and website in the comment fields provided so we can contact you.

Contest Rules:

  1. We ask that contestants share this blog post link on their Facebook page, on Twitter by tweeting @photoshelter, or by hitting the ‘Like’ button on this blog post.
  2. Contestants must submit their response to “Why do you love photography?” as a blog comment on this post.
  3. PhotoShelter will announce the winner every Thursday on PhotoShelter’s Facebook and Twitter page. We’ll also shoot the winners an email to let them know it’s their lucky day.
  4. Contest ends on Thursday, September 6, 2012.

Good luck!

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  1. Kiana Lewis at 6:38 pm

    One reason I love photography is it makes me think of my mother, whose my best friend and the sister I never had. I have and have had numerous interests over the years, all of which my mother supported, but photography is one that has been a consistent part of my life since knee-high to a grasshopper.

    It all started when I was a little girl in grade school. Every single field trip (vacations also) I went on, my mother would purchase a disposable camera for me to take; if she was able to chaperone, she’d buy two cameras, one for me and her. In looking back, I remember being super anxious to get my film developed. We could never make it to our local Rite Aid fast enough! With each drop-off, I was consumed with vicious anticipation and curiosity. What would my images look like? Would all of my exposures come out? Which ones would I choose for my photo album? Which ones would I sticky tack to my wall?

    I don’t think my mother actually knew she was helping to create a passion within me that would never die; I’ve only fallen deeper in love with photography. Unknowingly, she taught me that I could capture a single moment in time that would last forever, with just a click of a button.

    Photography is love. Photography is life. Photography is my life.

  2. Kelly Rembert at 4:59 am

    I love photography because I have been taking photos since I was a little girl and I still feel the same way I felt about photography when I was a kid as I do now I love it and it will forever be my passion.

    I love photography because it allows me the creative freedom to manipulate an image into whatever creative vision is floating in my mind at that particular moment when I am taking a photo or editing it. Also, I love it because it allows us to hold on to memories and feelings.

    The art in itself is the keeper of history and it allows us to show its beauty,ugliness,strife and victory. Photography allows me share what I think is beautiful or interesting in my eyes and capture it with my lens for the world to see.

    As an amateur photographer I would love to see the business side of things and also I would love to talk to and network with professionals in the industry. I want to take my passion and make it into a business after graduation next spring.

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